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RenderNation partners with Verne Global to enhance cutting edge CGI and VFX rendering capabilities

Verne Global, a provider of sustainable data center solutions for high performance computing (HPC), today announced it is partnering with RenderNation, the render farm specialist, renowned for computer generated imagery (CGI) and visual effects (VFX). The partnership enables RenderNation to boost its rendering capabilities through access to hpcDIRECT – Verne Global’s HPC compute solution that is powered by 100 percent renewable energy.

RenderNation has over 15 years of experience providing bespoke render farm solutions to the film, television, architecture and design, video gaming and virtual reality industries. RenderNation’s experienced production team offers a tailored service and expert support, working with clients to deliver projects of the highest quality, cost-effectively and on-time.

RenderNation is enabling its clients to constantly push the boundaries of visual effects, and achieving state-of-the art results requires massive compute power. With Verne Global’s HPC compute solution and RenderNation’s experience, studios can have access to a world class bare metal HPC platform with on-demand availability. Purpose built for the compute-intensive workloads involved in CGI and VFX projects, hpcDIRECT can be integrated with, and optimised for, the latest rendering applications, plug-ins and file transfer solutions for any operating system.

In addition to first-class performance and on-site HPC support, Verne Global offers a sustainable alternative to fossil-fuelled compute power. hpcDIRECT is powered by 100% renewable hydro-electric and geothermal energy, with free cooling from Iceland’s year-round lower temperatures.

“We’re passionate about delivering the best quality service to our clients, on short notice and under tight deadlines. We have no appetite to expend time and resources to manage or maintain hardware and infrastructure” said Dan Thomason, Director, RenderNation.

”With Verne Global, we can harness the power of hpcDIRECT, knowing it’s supported by a world-class, HPC-optimised data center and a skilled team of engineers, and at a predictable cost. This ensures we always have the compute capacity we need on-demand to meet our clients’ needs on-time and on-budget, every time.”

“RenderNation is the perfect partner for Verne Global. We share the same customer-led focus, where everything we do is aimed at helping the client succeed by tailoring to their needs,” said Simone Warren, VP of Global Customer Strategy, Verne Global.

“With Verne Global, RenderNation can maintain their own personalised specifications, and at the same time utilise sustainable, and cost-effective, HPC cloud services. We’re excited to be a part of RenderNation’s CGI and VFX innovation and can’t wait to see what’s coming next.”