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Digital Fragility Risk: CIOs, CMOs, and enterprise architects urged to address long-term preservation of digital information

Digital fragility has emerged as a risk to digital business that CIOs and CMOs are failing to confront, concludes a recent report by Forrester, a leading global research and advisory firm which collaborated with UK-based digital preservation experts Preservica.

According to the report, vital digital information sources and assets are at risk due to link rot, obsolete file formats and media, and vendor abandonment of online services. This can leave firms scrabbling to find or recreate digital assets, opening the door to loss of valuable trademarks, costly failures to meet regulatory crackdowns and poor corporate governance.

The report also urges CIOs and CMOs to look beyond short-term compliance-driven governance and leverage the value of corporate knowledge and digital brand heritage to create competitive advantage. This means investing in the long-term preservation of digital assets to inspire innovation, build brand trust, and create engaging customer and employee experiences.

Enterprise architects too need to actively plan for the retention of corporate memory by building long-term protection and preservation into their overall data governance strategies. This ensures critical information is available when needed for compliance, legal, brand, and knowledge management needs.

Access the complimentary Forrester report here:

Preservica, along with several of its digital preservation customers and other parties were interviewed by Forrester for the report “Digital Fragility: The Ticking Time Bomb Within Enterprises” by Cheryl McKinnon and Caleb Ewald.

Summary of report findings:
• How corporate memory, information assets, and IP are at risk
• Ways to use governance as a competitive edge rather than defense mechanism
• Why enterprise architects need to actively plan for long-term retention of corporate memory
• The role of specialty long-term digital preservation platforms and standards
• The need to allocate the right people and resources to a digital preservation program

Preservica CEO Mike Quinn said,

“We appreciate that Forrester is shining a light on the issue of digital fragility which is a threat often overlooked by enterprises. Many of the forward-thinking corporations and brands using our active digital preservation software have already seen this coming and at Preservica we wholeheartedly agree with Forrester’s conclusion that long-term protection and preservation of digital information assets needs to be a part of the overall data governance strategy. This is not just to meet compliance, regulatory, and legal needs but to also create brand value, engage employees and drive new innovations.”