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How To Turn An Office Into A Productive Call Centre Environment

Thanks to an increasing consumer focus on customer service and the growing need for remote services thanks to Covid-19, call centres will soon be in high demand from businesses and users alike.

With this in mind, here are some of our top tips to help you create a productive and thriving call centre from scratch.

Find The Perfect Premises

Choosing your base is the first step in creating a call centre. The best premises to choose is an office, as it will be a blank canvas that you can transform into a flourishing call centre. Review all of the office spaces in your local area that are available to rent and take the time to choose the perfect one that suits your business needs.

Design A Layout That Benefits Your Team

Once you’ve found your ideal office, you need to design a layout that will suit your team. Consider how you want to structure their working environment, and where is the best space to install break facilities and communal areas. Measure the space to make sure that your furniture will fit, so that the space contains everything your team needs and still has enough space for walkways. If your call centre is too crowded, then this could affect the services you offer and staff morale, so it’s vital that you take the time to create the perfect layout.

Deep Clean Your Space

Before you install your team and get your call centre up and running, it’s important that you clean your space, so that your employees enter a completely sanitary and safe environment. This is particularly important now, as the world is currently in the grip of a pandemic. Ideal Cleaning is a specialist commercial cleaning firm with the expertise to clean your space and keep it safe for your staff throughout the operational life of your call centre.

Separate Your Break Room From Your Workspace

In order to make your employees more productive, consider creating a barrier, such as a partition wall, between your workspace and the break area in your call centre. This will give staff the chance to relax and unwind on their break free from the reminder of work, and then continue with their day in a productive, engaging working environment.

Avoid Paper If Possible

Paper documents are bad for the environment, and your call centre’s productivity. As such, you should work to eliminate paper in your call centre wherever possible. This means using technology to reduce the number of physical documents your staff have to deal with, making them more productive and engaged in their work. You can store documents on digital storage programmes and offer staff the use of scanners to allow them to digitalise any documents that do come to them in physical form.

Install The Latest Technologies

The call centre market is constantly evolving, and new technological developments are arising on a regular basis. In order for your new call centre to offer your clients the innovative services they expect, you need to use the latest call centre technologies and stay up to date with the latest industry developments.