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DocuSign processes 300,000 transactions per second with SentryOne monitoring

DocuSign, a leading electronic signature software provider, has adopted the database monitoring tool SentryOne SQL Sentry provided by SentryOne to accelerate the performance of its databases. The software enables DocuSign to delve deeper into SQL Server performance, gathering metrics and statistics to keep the site running at peak performance for customers.

In today’s fast-paced, digitally-minded world, the ability to electronically sign and send digital documents around the world is in high demand, which is why DocuSign’s performance needs have rapidly increased in the past decade to processing over 300,000 transactions per second across all of its sites. With 218 SQL Servers running approximately 360TB of live data, DocuSign’s previous monitoring solution was not able to scale to meet this demand. DocuSign’s high transaction, low latency, high availability environment requires the team to constantly monitor disk I/O, CPU, indexing statistics, and HA/DR throughputs (Microsoft Always On technology). As the company has grown, it requires a database monitoring solution that can deliver the necessary insights much quicker and across the rapidly growing infrastructure.

DocuSign evaluated a range of monitoring tools on the market, and SentryOne came out on top. Others didn’t provide as much intelligence around the data, or were too heavy on the system, and didn’t give the level of detail available from SQL Sentry, which enables DocuSign to quickly identify and address any database issues without hassle. The performance on the SQL Servers is the heart of DocuSign’s system, and with SentryOne, the company now has full visibility across all databases through its intuitive dashboards, as well as the ability to easily retrieve data from the database, which had previously been a regular challenge.

“We were facing massive performance challenges, and we were outgrowing everything,” commented Shawn McMillian, Director of Database Operations at DocuSign.

“SQL Sentry has a much lower impact on our systems compared to our previous solution. The total impact on an individual server is much less, for example. It also provides much more detail and enables us to manage our own wait statistics to pick up more advanced analytics, thanks to normalising procedure calls and simple data aggregation.”

“DocuSign is a great example of how database performance can make or break a business, and we are proud to be able to deliver a world-class solution that enables DocuSign’s over half a million customers to access the functionality they need at the click of a button,” stated Bob Potter, SentryOne CEO.

“As a heavy DocuSign user, we know that being able to sign a document quickly makes business run more efficiently. We aim to provide that same level of efficiency to DocuSign so that it can keep up with the demands of today’s increasingly digital society.”