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Health tech leader DrDoctor launches free NHS Video Consultation service

At a time when support for the NHS is vital to keeping the nation on its feet, health tech company DrDoctor has announced that its new Video Consultation service has gone live for NHS Trusts. This is the latest product in DrDoctor’s COVID-19 Toolkit, which is being offered free of license fees to any hospital that requires it.

Last week, the government extended COVID-19 social distancing guidelines to non-essential medical appointments, requiring hospitals to pursue remote methods to continue routine outpatient services. DrDoctor’s integrated video consultation platform enables this process to be carried out in a quick and simple manner. Originally pencilled in for release at the end of this year, DrDoctor has expedited the development and launch of the video software to help alleviate the elevated pressure on NHS Trusts.

As a Patient Engagement Platform, DrDoctor has a proven track record of onboarding patients digitally. The offer of an end to end solution for appointments – either through DrDoctor’s native video consultations or rapid onboarding to pre-existing video providers – stands DrDoctor apart from its competitors. And by using the new software clinicians also have the added advantage of onboarding patients by simply sending out Broadcast Messages, with the option to filter by clinic. Furthermore, doctors are afforded the advantage of having oversight of upcoming appointments in a ‘virtual waiting room’.

DrDoctor believe in using technology to put patients in control of their healthcare journey, while saving NHS money and time. To date, DrDoctor’s patient booking software has helped more than 6 million patients at 30 hospitals. 19 of the 42 NHS Trusts across England and Wales now work alongside DrDoctor, equating to just over 10% of UK hospitals. These ever-rising numbers have helped consolidate the health tech start-up’s position, earning it a place in the ‘FT 1000’ annual list of fastest-growing companies in Europe.

Tom Whicher, a founder of DrDoctor, expressed their determination to support the health service:

“The response to COVID-19 by the NHS has been astonishing. We’re excited to deliver a video consultation service which is tightly integrated with existing systems and the way doctors like to work. This gives it the unique advantage of being very simple to deploy, without requiring new process or booking mechanisms. We view video as a key part of caring for people in their own homes, thereby keeping them out of hospitals and assisting the NHS on its long road to recovery. Beyond the current crisis is a secondary looming threat – the backlog of routine patients who’ve had their care delayed or cancelled. Up to 50% of non-essential care has been cancelled, leaving millions of people waiting for treatment.

“It’s important to explore the solutions hospitals will need to deal with this pent-up demand as we look to the next 6-12 months. Beyond that, it’s likely that healthcare will never look quite the same, so we’ve developing tools to help patients and doctors with the new normal, and tools to care for and treat patients in a new way.”

NHS Trusts should visit the DrDoctor website for more information on signing up to the service.