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commercetools launches Accelerator to roll out enterprise commerce initiatives within two weeks

commercetools, a leader in next-generation commerce software, today launched the commercetools Accelerator, an offering to help retailers and brands launch enterprise commerce initiatives in weeks versus months. The flexible solution allows enterprises to easily connect to their back-end systems such as CRM, ERP and OMS, integrate complex product catalogues, get up and running with commerce initiatives right away, and easily add any other channels such as POS, voice, chat and IoT when they’re ready.

Built on commercetools’ API-based modern enterprise commerce platform, The commercetools Accelerator includes the one of the most advanced progressive web application (PWA) store front ends from Vue. The new Accelerator helps solve current retail pain points including:
● How existing commerce platforms are not designed to scale to meet high demand and handle peak performances;
● Time-to-market delays with adding critical business functionality such as click-and-collect solutions; and
● Product data importing challenges that make it harder to import data fast enough and make it available to any sales channel.

“Many of our customers are seeing surges in online sales, and we are working to help them be as fast, flexible and responsive as this challenging situation requires – which is what our platform is built to do,” said Dirk Hoerig, Co-Founder and CEO, commercetools. “This is not the time to pull back, but the time to find new ways of working and to prepare businesses for the months ahead.”

According to a study from Digital Commerce 360, 30% of retailers suspect that COVID-19 will cause their e-commerce business to increase, and only 36% of retailers are taking a “wait-and-see” approach to action they are taking relative to COVID-19, while the rest are being proactive.

The commercetools Accelerator can be an easy first step in migrating away from rigid legacy platforms that don’t provide the flexibility needed today.
commercetools also offers 60-day free trials to retailers and brands who want to test the launch of new commerce functionality and specific commerce projects.

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