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Nowcomm delivers IT infrastructure for Robert Clack School of Science site

Nowcomm, the specialist in networking, collaboration and security technology solutions, has delivered IT infrastructure that will help Robert Clack School of Science students access the latest education technology at its new Lymington Fields site.

The project, which involved the creation and delivery of a Local Area Network (LAN) at the academy’s new site on Royal Anglian Way in Dagenham, also saw Nowcomm responsible for linking the network to the schools existing IT infrastructure at its locations in Gosfield Road and Green Lane using a Wide Area Network (WAN).

To ensure that teaching staff and students can access the network throughout the site and while on the move, Nowcomm mapped and configured over 60 WiFi access points, meaning the school can now implement a range of technology driven teaching tools, from interactive, web-connected whiteboards to smart devices across a range of classrooms and teaching spaces.

Nowcomm will provide ongoing network maintenance and support to the school, which they have been doing since 2019, in order to ensure continuity of service for staff and students alike.

Daniel Emerton, Senior IT Technician at Robert Clack, said: “Nowcomm presented a comprehensive plan for our schools IT infrastructure, which would enable 21st century teaching and learning across the entire estate, including the new Lymington Fields site.

“We aim to provide an outstanding holistic education that will ensure the young people of the Robert Clack School community are equipped with the knowledge, skills and attributes necessary to fulfil their potential and make a valuable contribution to society. A key part of this is ensuring they benefit from the latest in education technology and thanks to the infrastructure delivered by the Nowcomm team we are in a place to do this across all of our sites.”

Richard Mcloughlin, CEO of Nowcomm, said:

“Interactive teaching tools, collaboration platforms and overall communication plays a vital role in modern education, and so we were delighted to work with Robert Clack to place this at the heart of their IT infrastructure.

“By ensuring robust and intelligent connectivity throughout the school and strong network infrastructure, the team at Robert Clack will be able to continue providing an immersive and engaging education to students, using the latest teaching aids and technology available.”