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Could E-Coaching surpass E-Learning in the future of Staff Learning?

E-learning has been around for ages – so what’s so different about an e-coaching system?

E-coaching seeks to bridge the gap between one on one personalised mentoring and a one-fits all electronic learning system, with tailored learning and support to change the way that the learner adopts the content, with better engagement, tailored learning and a measurable result, or at least, that is the promise of Peter Ryding,  one of the UK’s leading CEO coaches, the brains behind software provider Vic Your Coach,  whose mentoring software is reportedly one of the most advanced available.

Vic your Coach is a comprehensive coaching platform that uses the power of AI to automatically assess a candidate’s skills to gently guide them towards absorbing the content which will best upskill employees on a one-to-one basis, much as a mentor or coach would do.

Peter Ryding explains:

“I have worked with some of Britain’s top businessmen and have a hard-won reputation as a turnaround CEO, working with struggling businesses and turning them into thriving enterprises.  It is these skills that led me to become one of the UK’s most sought after CEO coaches, helping them tackle challenges such as imposter syndrome and – my personal passion – helping HR Directors join company boards.  At this level, the skills required are not how to do this or that, but soft skills that enable them to get the best from their team and navigate their path to the boardroom – and these skills need to be coached, not learned.

“I was thinking how valuable these skills would be, not just for CEOs, but for employees too, who of course would not have access to my normal CEO coaching services and looked for what was available.  There really is nothing filling that gap, so we decided to develop a system that could upskill everyone with these soft skills.  We sought to develop the AI, tested and analysed and refined and now Vic Your Coach is getting incredible reviews.

Peter Ryding has also been instrumental in helping HR and Business Leaders navigate the corona crisis, holding free regular webinars, guiding and supporting leaders with regular information and guidance to help leaders maintain confidence of staff, investors and employees at every stage.

He explains:

“Whether tackling a global pandemic, an employee crisis or a dropping share price, the CEO skills needed are the same, a calm head, excellent communications skills and keeping full awareness of all aspects of a situation before making decisions.  Our weekly Corona Crisis Webinars have ensured CEOs and HR stay informed, enabled the group to share best practice and support one another.  Leadership skills enable every employee to play their part, as well as coaching future leaders.   Vic Your Coach is the easiest and most cost effective way to teach these.

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