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2i supports ‘smart waste’ solution delivery

2i, one of the UK’s leading independent software assurance consultancies, has announced that Topolytics, an award-winning waste analytics company, has selected 2i’s testing and consultancy services to support the delivery of a global waste tracking and analytics solution.

Topolytics’ WasteMap® platform is being used by corporate waste producers and the waste sector to drive greater recovery and re-use of materials. Topolytics has also partnered with the Ordnance Survey to develop a prototype system that will monitor and track all of the UK’s waste. Working with the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) and the UK environmental regulators, the system will capture 500 million movements of waste from their sources through to final processing or disposal. It is set to improve oversight, maximise the value of waste materials and minimise their damage to the environment.

Topolytics is taking a data-first approach and applying its analytics platform WasteMap® to the challenge. It is developing the system using agile methodology to deliver functions as quickly as possible while looking to ensure a high quality of delivery. Ben Emson, Topolytics CTO, comments: “We were searching for a partner who could give us confidence that the speed of our delivery would not compromise our quality. 2i’s SAFe 5.0 certified experts have been working with us collaboratively to build testing and quality assurance into all stages of the delivery pipeline, empowering our developers to conduct testing whenever required.”

2i has put in place a bespoke quality assurance framework spanning test automation, accessibility testing and performance testing. The provision of rapid feedback and quick fixing of any defects is designed to de-risk all stages of the waste tracking solution’s delivery.

“We’re excited to contribute to an important sustainability project that will improve the re-use of materials and capture more value from waste through advanced data and analytics,” comments Dave Kelly, Managing Director, 2i. “Using our best in class expertise and bespoke quality assurance frameworks we help dynamic start-ups such as Topolytics accelerate their innovative projects while providing quality and certainty of delivery.”

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