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MyKindaFuture Launches Cutting-Edge Technology Connecting Businesses with Diverse Talent

MyKindaFuture, the UK’s leading underrepresented talent specialist, has launched a new version of its online employee engagement platform, Connectr. The revamped platform leverages cutting-edge technology to help employers attract, upskill and mentor diverse talent.

The Connectr platform brings businesses and talent together, enabling companies to engage, pre-board and retain diverse talent; supporting those who are often overlooked and unsupported by employers. The technology has been developed in partnership with leading behavioural experts to ensure that all aspects of it help to build a vital sense of belonging for users, ensuring they feel valued, motivated and engaged.

The platform provides access to interactive learning modules, one-on-one digital mentoring sessions and helpful forums, all of which are tailored to users and their interests.

While the original version of Connectr relied on end-users finding the content that was relevant to them, the new edition will leverage internal data from user-behaviours to drive more personalised experiences for different groups of people, thereby increasing adoption and engagement rates. This data will be analysed to identify patterns and ‘predictors’ which will be fed back into the platform, in order to drive innovative and intuitive experiences.
Also designed with user experience in mind, Connectr incorporates elements of gamification, including modules remaining locked until others have been completed, to encourage maximum engagement. In addition, the chat and forum functions have been modelled on popular social media platforms, ensuring that the content is accessible and intuitive to all users.
To ensure businesses are getting the very most out of the platform, Connectr features sophisticated reporting functions, allowing employers to see how the platform is being used and adapt their content accordingly.

Will Akerman, Founder and Managing Director at MyKindaFuture said:

“We know from years of experience and extensive research just how important building a sense of belonging is. It is only the businesses that cultivate this feeling and ensure that all employees and prospective employees feel valued as individuals that will benefit from a happy, motivated and hardworking workforce. In fact, our own research shows that 80% of employees who don’t feel as though they belong to their company will leave within the next year.

“Our revamped Connectr platform will offer intuitive experiences for users by leveraging ‘smart’ data to deliver highly relevant content in a timely way, giving users the best possible opportunity to apply for, start and progress in a role, with the confidence and skills they need to succeed. In addition, it will give organisations an invaluable tool, not only to attract diverse talent, but to upskill and mentor it too.”

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