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Payara & form alliance to deliver Java solutions

Global open source specialists, Payara Services, reveals a unique collaboration with to provide new cloud solutions for Java.

The UK based software provider has teamed up with JCP executive committee member, Java Champion Award winner and representative, Otavio Santana, to create a user guide aimed at their combined user community.

Consisting of Payara Server and Payara Micro, Payara Platform Enterprise is designed for mission critical systems and containerised Jakarta EE (Java EE) and MicroProfile applications. is built especially for continuous deployment. The second-generation PaaS automatically manages everything your application needs in order to run, allowing over 320,000 users to host web applications on the cloud, whilst making development and testing workflows more productive.

This partnership will enable organisations to focus 100% of their time on building amazing experiences, and zero time managing infrastructure.

The Payara Platform is cloud-native and can be deployed in any environment – on cloud, on-premises, or hybrid, making it ideal for use with

The user guide is now available to download from:

“This ad-hoc collaboration between Payara and has not only strengthened our working relationship, but its success has resulted in the decision to expand this project into a series of activities and events going forward. Furthermore, as a Java architect, if you want to ensure that your application optimises well in the cloud environment with Jakarta EE/MicroProfile, consider Payara.” – Otavio Santana, Developer Relations Engineer at

“With, you can use your Jakarta EE (Java EE) skills for your Payara Micro application, and easily move it to the cloud without the need to learn and use numerous other frameworks. It can do so many things for your microservice or monolith without the need to adapt your application.” – Rudy De Busscher, Developer Advocate and Service Team member of Payara.

Payara recently co-hosted a webinar on ‘Easy ways to bring your Java Microservices to the cloud with Payara and’ and participated in a Q&A with Otavio Santana regarding ‘Java in the cloud with Jakarta EE’ (links below).