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Resonance appoints Nadia Nizar as Director of Influencer Relations

Resonance, the data-driven PR, AR, and inbound marketing consultancy which specialises in B2B tech, has appointed Nadia Nizar as Director of Influencer Relations to lead its expanding Analyst Relations (AR) division.

In the digital era, the B2B buying journey has increased in scope and complexity. Digital-native millennials are moving into the decision-making seats and now have all the information they desire at their fingertips. From search engines, social media, analyst reports, media and other digital channels, researching solutions to their problems has never been easier. As a consequence, third party, credible sources of information have increased their influence the buying decision.

It is vital that organisations have a united communications strategy that speaks to buyers at every stage. AR is a critical part of this journey, improving corporate reputation, business’ go-to-market offering and their end product roadmap.

Having worked in both agency and in-house environments, Nadia understands the importance of uniting PR, AR and inbound outreach and aligning with product marketing. She has 20 years of corporate communications experience and has evoked real business impact with her influencer relations strategies and knowledge.

Claire Williamson, Co-Managing Director, Resonance, said:

“Nadia brings a wealth of expertise, experience and insight to our team. Resonance is committed to helping its clients deliver and prove value aligned to the overriding business objectives. The AR division that Nadia leads is a significant pillar of this. Nadia’s extensive background in technology influencer relations marries perfectly with our vision of delivering better outcomes for our clients. She understands that, like everything else in business, AR must be measurable and demonstrate real ROI for clients.”

Nadia Nizar, Resonance’s Influencer Relations Director, said:

“Businesses are beginning to understand that AR is a strategic part of their go-to-market. Where once AR’s value was considered top of the funnel awareness, now influencer relations is at the heart of sales, business strategy and growth. I’m really looking forward to leading analyst relations team and being part of an expert group of individuals offering bespoke communications strategies that join the dots between business, marketing and sales.”

Alongside expanding Resonance’s AR division, as a former in-house expert, Nadia will work with the management team to focus on innovating in an industry still relatively untouched by digital transformation.

Claire Williamson, Managing Director, Resonance, added: “Nadia has sat on both sides of the table – agency and in-house – and she understands what generates results. She also brings a fresh approach, helping us in our goals to drive our goals of innovating for our industry. We are already working with multinational clients on their AR strategies as part of their overarching communications plans, and we look forward to this service expanding under Nadia’s expert approach.”