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Vitis PR joins international PR agencies to launch new tech news distribution service

Vitis PR has joined up with like-minded PR agencies around the world under the banner Enterie and has established a brand new solution for sending company news to journalists and influencers in Europe and the US.

EnterieGO is a platform for distributing company news to journalists and influencers and provides an alternative to press wires. It operates in 14 countries in Europe and the United States thanks to collaboration through Enterie – a network of independent PR, media, marketing, and design companies.

Press releases distributed through Enterie’s newest platform are sent “to chosen journalists and influencers whom we know and who are likely to be interested in your news.”

The service is designed to meet the needs of brands that do not have the capacity or budgets for long-term or permanent PR activities, but might need to occasionally announce something important or aimed at a specific, local market. It is also a good solution for those who are not convinced that PR services make sense in their case and want to test if a short-term PR project works for them.

Copy & paste does not work

Enterie takes a local, personalised approach with each news distribution. “When a company uploads a news item, we do not send the same exact version to each country. Our local PR agencies translate and — most importantly — localise the text in every news release we send,” says Michal Rakowski, Enterie’s Chief Network Officer.

Localisation of each press release is made to best align with the targeted market and contains all the crucial elements important from the perspective of a press environment of a given country: different formatting, selecting the right messages, and even rewriting a press release from scratch if needed.

“Doing everything in the same manner in every country does not work anymore. We believe in our local experts, who know their markets best, as local customs really differ from each other,” says Rakowski.

For example, in Belgium the press release needs to be sent both in Dutch and French. In some markets it is appropriate to send them as an attachment, in others to link to them, etc. Not to mention, local media prefer to be pitched in different ways (some prefer a short email, others would rather take a phone or video call and so on).

Another advantage of such an approach is the distribution of the press release. It is based on person-to-person relationships with journalists, influencers, and media. Local consultants know their specializations and – while pitching the media – news they distribute is targeted outreach, not a mass e-mailing to a large list hoping something will stick.

Inter-Atlantic communication

EnterieGO covers not only Europe but also the American market.

“More of our clients want to target the US, and so the Enterie offer helps us to provide a personalised service here in Europe and beyond,” says Ranbir Sahota, Director of Vitis PR.

“In my experience, the same content doesn’t always work in each country and that’s why wire services don’t always generate the results promised. By using this network, we can deliver bespoke yet competitively priced PR for businesses looking to share their story.”
Currently, the network connects 14 local PR agencies – that collaborate on their local markets under the umbrella of EnterieGO.

New global solution for a new landscape

“We have been planning to launch an affordable and global service since 2019, but the shift in the media and PR landscape we are currently facing made us increase the tempo. We believe that agencies that observe and implement the changes are the ones that will develop in the times of global uncertainty,” says Rakowski, CNO at Enterie.

EnterieGO founders take pride in its pricing transparency. When choosing a country on the user is informed immediately about the prices.

Enterie is an international network of independent tech PR & marketing agencies, operating in nearly 20 countries. It was established in 2017 by Profeina, a Polish PR & communication agency based in Warsaw.