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SIRE partners with Accedian to launch Pulse360

SIRE Technology, an award winning managed IT solutions provider has partnered with Accedian, global leaders in performance analytics and end user experience solutions, to launch its unique Pulse360 fully virtualised, performance assurance platform and service.

Working 50% faster than other network monitoring tools, Pulse360 ‘as a service’ provides enterprises with complete visibility on the performance of their IT infrastructure through the quick delivery of granular performance data and actionable insights. SIRE is one of few UK IT solution providers bringing such a sophisticated performance analytics system to the market.

Working across all platforms including hybrid, cloud or legacy network architectures, performance data is produced with extreme precision and efficiency, and to help assist with a smooth transition to the cloud with less risk. The analysis of billions of data points leveraged through AI and Machine Learning, means Pulse360 detects issues such as a cyber breach or performance issues that other solutions may miss.

Data is collected and stored in a scalable manner and can be fully automated and orchestrated. By analysing the data across the entire network Pulse360 quickly and reliably produces actionable insights that could potentially impact the organisation and its end customers’ user experience. It does this 75% more efficiently than other performance analytic tools with 99.9% proven reliability, ensuring digital infrastructures and devices always operate effectively for a flawless customer experience.

Pulse360 also uses a lightweight universal analytics engine, to extract metadata from customer traffic to support the cloud migration process. The metadata displays data such as response time from applications and computer workload trends, enabling enterprises to plan, deliver and monitor digital transformation while reducing the risks that often occur during transition.

Russell Cook, Managing Director of SIRE, said: “Cloud migration is becoming integral to how organisations function and a priority for businesses due to the demand for increased resources, speed, control and flexibility. Ensuring faultless technology performance and immaculate customer experience throughout this transition is essential.
“Reassurance is needed that networks will continue to support maximum productivity without error during the transition and beyond. The end-user expects and demands immediacy for any issues to be rectified. The insights provided by SIRE’s Pulse360 and the efficiency in which it is delivered gives our clients valuable knowledge and to be fully confident in the way their digital infrastructure is functioning.”

Supporting CIOs, enterprises and service providers, Pulse360 can also assist 5G service providers. Delivering data and actionable insights with an accuracy of one microsecond and granularity of one millisecond, ensuring an agile deployment and management of latency-sensitive services.

Russell adds: “By partnering with Accedian, SIRE is one of a few UK service providers to bring such game changing insights to market, that increase business performance and deliver unbeatable customer experience. Ultimately, it is about supporting our clients with the best possible service and uninterrupted business continuity across the entire network.”

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