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LogMeIn introduces Remote Deployment for GoToMyPC

LogMeIn Inc., a leading provider of solutions for the work-from-anywhere era, has launched Remote Deployment for GoToMyPC enabling IT administrators and business professionals to remotely deploy, install, and configure GoToMyPC remote access software across any number of computers simultaneously.

With the coronavirus pandemic, organisations globally and across all industries are working to support a transition to a remote workforce. GoToMyPC is a market leading, secure remote access solution enabling working professionals to instantly access their work computers and maintain day-to-day operations from anywhere. For customers who do not have the ability to unlock their work computers and take their work home with them or for instances where the VPN solution becomes overloaded, GoToMyPC unlocks the ability to maintain productivity and work from anywhere.

Before Remote Deployment, administrators needed to be physically present at each PC they’d want users to access remotely to complete the deployment, installation, and configuration process. Remote Deployment now allows administrators to remotely perform these actions across any number of Windows computers simultaneously, granting employees remote access to their respective computers. By removing the constraint of needing to be in the office or physically in front of the user’s device, administrators can get their end users up and running immediately.

“We understand the challenge of moving to a remote workplace and supporting a remote workforce. Company leaders and IT professionals, particularly at small and medium-sized businesses, are struggling to support themselves and their teams to work from home securely and effectively, with many being asked to do more with less,” said John Bennett, SVP & GM of Identity & Access Management at LogMeIn. “Now with GoToMyPC Remote Deployment, organizations can maintain day-to-day operations and set up a remote workforce that can access necessary data as if they were still sitting at their work desktop.”

Remote Deployment is available in the GoToMyPC Corporate tier for both new and current customers. To learn more, please visit: