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Luna Replay automates the production of gameplay videos

Luna Labs has launched Replay, a workflow optimisation tool, which for the first time automates the production and editing process of gameplay videos for mobile games studios.

Replay enables studios to create unlimited variations of their marketing videos without the need to re-record, allowing them to edit all of the in-game visual elements they want from a user interface. In other words, videos with different character skins, game environments, camera angles, and visual effects in any resolution can now be automatically generated, all at the touch of a button.

All in all, the newly launched product offers studios a highly efficient and accurate way to produce and test video creatives – helping to set a new outlook on everything from marketability testing to brand and user acquisition.

“Video creatives are the biggest drivers of growth for any game studios today, yet there’s a consistent bottleneck and inefficiency when it comes to producing them”, says Steven Chard, CEO at Luna Labs. “With Replay, we can address those challenges and enable studios to produce significantly more ads in a fraction of the time it previously took them – freeing up more hours for testing and making data-driven decisions.”

Luna Labs has already solved some of the critical problems studios have with outsourcing their creatives by launching Playable – its core product that optimises and produces playable ads directly from games built in Unity. Now, they have expanded their product suite to also resolve the creative workflow issues the teams face with gameplay videos.

To celebrate the release of this latest addition, Luna is offering a seven-day free trial for all new sign-ups.

More information about Replay is available at, including details on the free trial.