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Topic: Why Agile Software Development Is Best For Healthcare?

Freelance tech writer Alisha Hill considers the benefits and challenges of agile product creation

Leaders and managers in the healthcare industry are looking for ways to bring more efficiency into their processes and update them when required.  This will help to achieve their top priorities:  providing high-quality care to patients and optimising healthcare delivery costs. These priorities and others have a close association with how patient outcomes are improved upon and how process efficiencies are increased.

When developing software, the most effective way forward for healthcare organisations is to embrace lean methodologies which are entirely focused on understanding and improving the value delivered to patients. This value doesn’t concern itself only with the patients but healthcare providers as well.

This post will discuss in brief about why agile software development in healthcare is the best way to back both their operational as well as clinical improvement endeavours. Agile development offers healthcare organisations a string of opportunities and possibilities that they can’t even imagine about with any other model.

Agile has tools and techniques that healthcare needs

A lot of organisations in the healthcare landscape find it very hard to run along the changes that are taking place on a frequent basis. When you can’t keep up with others in the industry, it becomes very hard for you to survive in this competitive business world. This is where agile software development comes in. It offers a healthcare facility or other related entity the capabilities of adapting quickly to the changes that are so rapidly happening. Most of the healthcare organisations have started realising how important agile is and how quickly they need to implement it to start moving in the direction of the winds of change. Healthcare is quickly learning from other industries that have understood how to find a way out of the agility puzzle. You just need to find a balance between your stable core capabilities and the dynamic ability to use those capabilities to tackle challenges and make the most of opportunities.

The balance between dynamism and stability is what helps you earn the right to be successful. On the other hand, if you aren’t able to get this balance right, you will be left with an administration that isn’t quite capable of helping you keep up with the changes in the market. This concept is more relevant to healthcare because this industry has seen significant changes in recent years. It has undergone a transformation that no other industry has.

When you work with an agile consultancy in the UK or any other country, you are asking them to help you build a software product that addresses the needs of the most important party in the entire healthcare cycle – clinicians or healthcare professionals. This system offers them greater control maximum freedom of using the available tools to improve patient outcomes. However, it’s not only the clinicians that benefit out of this system but other parties as well. Listed below are a few benefits of using agile software development in healthcare:

  • Transparency
  • Scalability
  • Flexibility
  • Compliance
  • Process improvement


It is very important for healthcare organisations to find agile software development companies that have experience of developing software for the healthcare industry. When you are developing digital systems that are going to be used at front line, you can’t take any chances. Second best just won’t do. You need an agency that understands the processes relevant to the healthcare industry as well as the improvement a well-built software application can bring into those.

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Alisha Hill is a freelance writer, with articles featured in many national and international publications. She has expertise in writing about business, marketing and technology.