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Rackspace Powers Riskex’s Free Covid-19 Health Assessment for UK businesses

Rackspace has delivered a scalable, free solution to power global health and safety management software firm Riskex’s Covid-19 Health Assessment. The tool is enabled by free resources from the Rackspace OpenStack Covid-19 Relief cloud package and helps UK companies to manage the health status of their employees in real-time as they return to work.

The third-party logistics company Miniclipper Logistics approached Riskex to find out if it could help the company meet the challenge of keeping front-line logistics staff safe, while continuing to work during the pandemic. Riskex realised that all businesses would be facing similar challenges to Miniclipper in not knowing the health status of their workforce with regard to the virus. This sparked the idea to launch an easy-to-use, free tool to help companies by providing real-time monitoring of their workers’ health. Not a single member of staff at Miniclipper has contracted Covid-19 and this is thanks to the tool which they are enforcing stringently across the company.

Steve Blaydon, Business Process Manager at Miniclipper Logistics said: “Before the tool, there was no robust way of tracking people and it was very complicated to control , but this now allows us to monitor and gauge our staffing levels, identify any personnel at risk and encourage employees to get tested if necessary. Just yesterday, we had a member of staff get tested after reporting symptoms on his questionnaire. Thankfully, the result was negative for Covid-19. This meant that he could come back to work immediately, but without the tool , the delay in identification and communication might have had to self-isolate for two weeks.”

Any UK organisation can sign up to use the free online tool and create a dashboard within minutes. The assessment, which is aligned to government and NHS guidance on Covid-19 symptoms, incorporates questions around how someone is feeling, their living situation, whether they have or have had any virus symptoms and if other health conditions exist. The tool’s built-in dashboard also provides intuitive reporting that can be analysed at an individual, departmental and global level to create a comprehensive picture of employees’ health.

The solution runs at no-cost on Rackspace’s OpenStack Public Cloud hosting services, as part of the company’s $10M six-month package of free public cloud resources set aside for organisations participating in COVID-19 relief efforts. This is a critical enabler of Riskex being able to offer the tool as the company can confidently scale access as required to support demand without additional cost. Rackspace remains dedicated to providing seamless support and Fanatical Experience™ for customers.

Looking to the future, the company is optimising the tool and adding new features, such as the ‘Fit 2 Work’ module. This will involve a more detailed assessment, as well as temperature checks and test results, with the intention of getting employees back into the workplace safely.

Mark Delo, Chief Executive Officer at Riskex commented: “We spotted an opportunity to repurpose our software to support businesses in responsibly and safely managing the health of their employees during this pandemic. Traditional HR systems are not set up to monitor a global pandemic, and businesses face huge challenges in understanding how employees are faring both physically and mentally during this difficult time.
“Thanks to the free OpenStack resources from Rackspace, our software has the cloud bandwidth to support every company in the country to use our Covid-19 Health Assessment. We want to support as many organisations as possible in getting through this global health crisis by providing a free, practical and safe solution for coming out of lockdown.”