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Video gaming in top ten lockdown activities that helped dads bond with the kids

A new UK-wide poll conducted by retailer Menkind sheds light on how government-imposed lockdown measures have been impacting dads and their relationships with their children over the past couple of months. Despite several challenges, many families are coming together, with dads not only spending more time at home but also bonding with kids over their favourite activities, with playing games becoming a highlight of family time.

Video gaming and traditional games – top activities helping families bond

According to the poll, conducted between 14 and 19 May 2020, almost two thirds of dads (60%) have been spending more time with their kids than before, which contributed to strengthening the family bond significantly. A third of dads say their relationship with their kids improved and that the isolation period brought them closer together.

With keeping the kids engaged listed as a top challenge of lockdown by a fourth of dads, online gaming and playing traditional games such as board games or puzzles were listed in the top ten family activities that helped dads bond with their kids.

As a result, gaming and playing other types of games with the kids were revealed among the top lockdown activities dads engaged more in than before: 2 in 5 dads played video games more, on par with dads who played more with toys, while almost half played more board games, puzzles or other traditional games.

Dads embracing their kids’ passion for video games

While video gaming and playing traditional games were used by families to cope during lockdown, they served an important role in bringing dads closer together with the kids. Close to a quarter of dads listed “Playing videogames and board games” among the top family activities to overcome lockdown challenges, while “beating the kids at video games” was voted as the top unexpected joy of lockdown by almost half of dads.

In fact, a fifth of dads admitted they shared their kids passion for video games during the isolation period, and declare they’re keen to play more video games with the kids after lockdown.

Commenting on the new survey findings, Fred Prego, Marketing Director at Menkind, said: “As kids we grow up with this idealised view of our dads as superheroes, which somehow fades away as we grow older and understand they are human, after all. These last few months have seen dads reclaim that superhero role as they’ve been spending more time at home with the family, forming closer bonds, getting more involved in their children’s education, activities and spare time. Despite the challenges of lockdown, it’s reassuring to see that most dads have cherished spending quality time with their kids to the point of wanting to be closer to them moving forward – being a father myself, I’m among them.”

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