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Cohesity Launches Consumption-Based Subscription Pricing for Its Rapidly Expanding Global Network of Service Provider Partners

Cohesity today announced a significant expansion and updates for its partner program, empowering service providers to leverage pay-per-use pricing for Cohesity’s full suite of data management services. The new pay-per-use subscription model will provide even greater predictability for partners as they support enterprise and mid-market end customers, which is ideal for organizations under increasing pressure to reduce capital budgets during the current global pandemic.

Through this model, service providers only pay for the data management services they use each month, instead of committing to set blocks of capacity in advance. The appeal of this approach is that as business needs change, service providers can make adjustments as necessary, which provides maximum levels of flexibility.

Globally, partners, including Expedient (US), HBR Consulting (US), and QTS (US) in the Americas and Atea (Nordics), ACP (Germany), KDDI (France), iomart (UK), Fundaments (Netherlands), M247 (UK), and Vanquish Tech (UK) in EMEA, are offering Cohesity-based services for a host of data management use cases, including backup and recovery, archiving, file shares, object stores, dev/test, and analytics.

“We are excited to be able to leverage Cohesity’s modern data management capabilities in a pay-per-use model. It will allow us to make efficient use of our capital and fine-tune our operations per customers’ business demands,” said Steve Norman, general manager, iomart, a Cohesity service provider partner with data centres across the UK. “This is critical for us in terms of helping our customers manage, protect, recover, and do more with their data, making our relationship with our customers even more crucial and valuable to them.”

“Cohesity’s consumption-based model is great for our business and for our customers. It allows us to better align our operations with that of our customers while lowering both of our total costs and managing resources against actual need on a monthly basis,” said Rodney Giles, president, NetDepot, a leading Cohesity service provider partner in the US. “The Cohesity data management pay-per-use consumption model allows us to better manage our customers’ most valuable resource, their data, while providing them with a more efficient and flexible way to manage their capex costs and accelerating their time to value.”

The offering comes as Cohesity continues to see exceptional growth and momentum with service providers around the world. Just in the last three quarters, the number of service providers that have joined the company’s partner program has more than doubled. Highlighting the success of the programme, service provider revenues in fiscal year 2020 grew 100 percent from the first to the second quarter of FY 2020 and 87 percent from the second quarter to the third quarter.

At the same time, Cohesity continues to invest significantly in its cloud and managed services business, offering new innovations that include:

DRaaS advancements: Simplified disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) deployments for multi-tenant environments, helping to ensure faster time to service delivery
Support for heterogeneous clusters: Allowing service providers to fine-tune their data management environment to suit a variety of customer workloads and service mix
Advancements with Helios: Enabling service providers to manage their customers’ global data estates, with deep operational visibility

“More companies are embracing a consumption-based approach in order to reduce capital costs and to make adjustments on the fly as business dictates,” said David Kosman, head of Global Cloud Service Providers, Cohesity. “We are making it easier than ever for managed service providers to meet enterprise and mid-market customers where they are and quickly evolve as the customer journey progresses.”

“Offering a pay-per-use model is a natural evolution for Cohesity and should be well received by Cohesity service providers,” said Chris Webber, research director IDC. “Pay-per-use in modern data management offers greater simplicity and efficiency for service providers while lowering TCO and increasing ROI. It essentially increases the value of their offering while decreasing their total costs.”

Cohesity is working closely with service provider partners to ensure that customers unlock the maximum value from their data infrastructure with lower total cost of ownership, industry-leading service level agreements (SLAs), and radically simplified management. Cohesity’s unique approach is receiving accolades in the industry. Cohesity was just recognized as the “Best Backup/Continuity Offering” by Channel Partner Insight at the MSP Innovation Awards Europe 2020 last month.

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