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ThoughtSpot Bolstering Augmented Analytics for the Cloud Leveraging Amazon Web Services

Today, ThoughtSpot, a leader in search and AI-driven analytics, announced a new offering for Amazon Web Services (AWS) to help enterprises gain faster insights with cloud-based analytics. Now available, ThoughtSpot Embrace for AWS allows users to run search and artificial intelligence (AI)-driven analytics queries directly in Amazon Redshift, without the need to move or cache any data. The company also announced it has achieved Amazon Redshift Ready designation, denoting its status as a technology evaluated by AWS and ready for use by customers.

Especially in the current climate, organisations need new ways to leverage the massive amounts of data they’ve collected to digitally transform their business and drive efficiency throughout their operations. Despite investing in collecting and storing data, many enterprises struggle with sifting through these growing data volumes to quickly find insights. Getting the data into the hands of the frontline workers who can use it to make business decisions in real-time and on the ground proves an even greater challenge. ThoughtSpot Embrace closes this gap by enabling enterprises to bring search and AI-driven analytics directly to their data.

Over half of ThoughtSpot’s customer base (58%) operates on AWS. As organisations increasingly adopt the cloud in the current environment, ThoughtSpot Embrace helps them quickly unlock value from the cloud. Amazon Redshift customers can now use ThoughtSpot’s simple search functionality to easily ask and answer data questions in seconds to unearth impactful insights. ThoughtSpot Embrace for AWS provides enterprises with more freedom and flexibility by eliminating the need to move data between cloud sources so that businesses can more immediately benefit from data-driven decision making.

“At 14West, we send billions of customer communications each month and we analyse that large data volume in ThoughtSpot,” said Grace Epperson, Chief Analytics Officer, 14 West. “For our IT organisation, it was easy to set up ThoughtSpot nodes in AWS, without IT having to procure, install and maintain physical servers. Having our data available in ThoughtSpot enables our BI Team and Marketing stakeholders to answer their own customer data questions and maximise customer lifetime value.”

ThoughtSpot has also achieved the Amazon Redshift Ready designation, part of the AWS Service Ready Program, which was established to help customers identify products integrated with AWS services and spend less time evaluating new tools, and more time scaling their use of products that are integrated with AWS Services. This designation recognises the successful integration of ThoughtSpot Embrace for AWS with Amazon Redshift and in serving as a turnkey solution assisting AWS customers to evaluate and use their technology productively, at scale, and varying levels of complexity.

ThoughtSpot Embrace for AWS is now generally available. For more information please visit ThoughtSpot for AWS.

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