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Fivetran Launches New Managed Service Offering to Power Data Products

Fivetran, an automated data integration provider, today announced Powered by Fivetran, a new managed service offering that enables cloud application providers and data insights companies a faster, more efficient way to build custom, data-powered experiences on top of the Fivetran infrastructure. Composed of easy-to-use REST APIs, automated data connectors for more than 150 different data sources, and a simple embeddable interface for users, the Powered by Fivetran offering helps companies reduce the time required to build and deliver reliable analytic applications for customers capable of driving new sources of revenue.

“Fivetran has a singular mission: to make data as easy and simple to access as electricity from a power outlet, regardless of the data’s source,” said Fraser Harris, VP of Product at Fivetran. “As organisations increasingly rely on data to make business decisions, companies are capitalising on this trend by building applications that automate insights on top of their customers’ data. Powered by Fivetran lets any company building data-powered user experiences quickly spin up these new sources of revenue without wasting valuable time and resources creating and maintaining the data connectors themselves.”

As part of today’s announcement, Fivetran is expanding the functionality of its APIs so customers can embed every connector in the Fivetran connector portfolio into their applications. In addition, Fivetran announced two new pipeline APIs: The Destination Management API enables companies to give users the power to control the data replication destination, while the new Group Management API helps companies provision and manage each individual user’s sources and destinations within Fivetran. The entire data integration process is fully managed and supported by Fivetran global customer support, which is available 24/7/365 with a guaranteed uptime of 99.9 percent, completely eliminating the time and expense of in-house development and maintenance of multiple source-to-destination data pipelines.

Once the analytic application is deployed, end-users “turn on” new sources of data by interacting with embedded configuration forms, called Connect Cards, for each supported source application. User credentials are passed directly to Fivetran via a secure HTTPS connection using TLS 1.2 and are securely stored on Fivetran servers, completely bypassing the customer’s servers.

Helios, which acts as an outsourced data specialist for companies of all sizes, is realising impressive results with the new Powered by Fivetran offering. “Instead of spending time building and maintaining a wide range of integrations, our team can focus on creating real-time analytic dashboards and performance reports, both of which are huge value-added offerings for our customers,” said Nick Christou, CEO at Helios Company. “Also, thanks to Connect Cards, onboarding new users is frictionless and they realise the value of our applications — and Fivetran under the hood — immediately.”

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