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5 Essential Strategies for Enhancing Your Web Design

Within a matter of seconds of landing on your page, visitors should be able to establish what your brand is, the types of services you offer, and how to navigate easily throughout your website. If you have noticed a decline in traffic and sales, it may be time to take a second look at how you have been optimising and designing your webpage.

Regardless of the content and commitment you put into your website, unless you can clearly communicate with your consumers what you are about, and the services you provide, it’s likely they will go elsewhere for their custom. To help, here are 5 essential strategies that will help you improve your web design.

Create a Plan

Instead of getting straight to designing your page, it’s important that you map out your buyer’s journey from the first moment they land on your website, through to the moment they turn into a customer. There are several things you need to address, such as what types of pages they’re going to view and the content they will view. If you need help with your web design, Red Sentence may be able to help. They are experts in web design, graphic design, branding & logo design, and WordPress workshops, helping you to boost your navigation and make it easier for consumers to interact with your page.

Include Social Share Buttons

While you may have excellent content for your readers, unless they can share your offerings with others, it’s likely that your website won’t gain the traffic you envisage. If your webpage doesn’t already include social share buttons, make sure that you house them throughout your website so consumers can spread the word of your services. You should also create a business page on platforms like Facebook and Twitter that visitors can visit to find out more about your brand.

Use Calls-to-Action

Once visitors click on your page, if you don’t provide them with direction, they may be inclined to visit competitors. Using call-to-action buttons can help establish what step the user should take next on your page. Whether your goal is to sign people up to your email newsletter, or you want visitors to buy products, using call to action buttons like ‘sign up’ or ‘buy now’ will point consumers in the right direction.

Use the Correct Imagery

The images you use on your website can be the difference between visitors taking an interest and them clicking off your page. While many website owners opt for stock photos, it’s wise to take your own professional pictures, especially if you are selling products. If you cannot take your own images, there are techniques you can implement to help seek out the best stock photos. Doing so will add more realism to your webpage and ensure the images correlate with who you are and the content you provide.

Focus on SEO

If you want to build a substantial presence on the internet, you’re going to need to develop a website that can be easily found. To begin with, you should develop an SEO strategy that includes creating content that is relevant to the wants and needs of the consumer. Using the right SEO methods will elevate your page higher in search engine ranking results.

To keep hold of your loyal followers and to expand your customer base, all the tips listed above can contribute towards improving your web design, making it easier for visitors when on your website.