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Digital Kungfu, Voted Africa’s Best Tech Startup by Africa Tech Week, Expands into the UK

After generating sales qualified leads in excess of £12 million in under 12 months for its clients in Africa, Digital Kungfu is launching in the UK.

The winner of the Best Technology Start-Up Award 2019 at the inaugural Africa Tech Week Awards, Digital Kungfu, is expanding into the UK.

Digital Kungfu is a purpose-built lead generation company for technology businesses that is successfully achieving 13:1 return on investment ratios for its clients.

Over the past 12 months, Digital Kungfu has worked with some of the largest brands in technology, including Microsoft, SAP, Liquid Telecom, Micro Focus, Oracle, and IBM to build a pipeline of sales qualified leads.

These lead generation campaigns have produced sales qualified leads in excess of £12 million. Based on a 20% industry-standard deal closure rate, this amounts to a spend-to-pipeline return on investment of 13:1, or more than 1 200%.

Expanding into the UK

“While there are still growth opportunities in the African market, our experience at London Tech Week in June 2019 showed us that we have a unique solution to a problem that tech companies are facing around the world and specifically in the UK,” says Matt Brown, CEO of Digital Kungfu.

“Now more than ever, technology companies need to be able to connect with sales-ready leads, build robust pipelines and enable revenue growth through smart, measurable marketing campaigns.

“This isn’t a South African problem. Because we work with international technology brands and based on the success we’ve had in our local market, international offices have started connecting with us to see how we can solve their lead generation challenges.”

Delivering leads that win sales

Sales is the lifeblood of every organisation, and yet marketing departments are all facing the same issues: They struggle to generate high-quality leads to pass on to their sales teams, they need to deliver results despite tighter budgets and they need to be able to demonstrate good ROIs on any campaigns they invest in. This means that every lead must be tracked and managed against spend.

“It’s impossible to reach sales targets with poor-quality leads,” continues Brown. “Our mandate is to deliver a minimum of a 20:1 spend to pipeline return and a 5:1 spend to revenue return on campaign spend in sales qualified leads. This means that we need a process that speaks to the right audience and captures the data we need, as well as a lead vetting and data enrichment process that separates ‘tyre kickers’ from serious buyers. A lead is only as good as its ability to be converted into a deal for our clients.”

High quality delivered on budget

Digital Kungfu’s process is based on the specific needs of technology businesses. “Our research shows us that 100% of our clients need a lead generation partner such as ourselves to deliver high-quality leads,” says Brown. “83% of tech businesses need to be able to achieve their goals within the available budget and value high-quality creative work, while two thirds value speed to market as well.

“These are the pillars that we’ve built Digital Kungfu’s lead generation solution on: the ability to tell our clients’ stories to the right people through the platforms they’re engaging on, capturing leads, vetting those leads, and delivering a sales-ready pipeline that can convert into closed deals.”

Digital Kungfu achieves this through Lightning Strike campaigns. Short, targeted campaigns that run for four weeks from start to finish.

The £12 million sales-ready pipelines generated over the past 12 months included both SME and enterprise customers, which meant Digital Kungfu’s content and production team needed to be on point with relevant messaging and responsive to the elements of each campaign that were and weren’t working.

Proprietary methodologies and formulas

“Our focus is on delivering top-quality leads, which means we need to monitor each campaign in an agile marketing fashion, tweaking aspects as we learn from the data to get the best results for our clients,” says Brown.

“This data-enriching methodology is paying off, for Digital Kungfu and its customers. A recent customer survey revealed that Digital Kungfu scored 8.7/10 in terms of the team’s ability to deliver against business outcomes, 9.2/10 for timeliness of delivery and 8.3/10 in terms of efficacy and return on investment (ROI).

“The speed that this campaign went to market and then achieved our objectives was incredible. We will definitely be working with Digital Kungfu on more campaigns,” says Traci Maynard, Microsoft Executive at Axiz.

Digital Kungfu expands into the UK from Digital Kungfu on Vimeo.