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Signavio selects Conga to optimise the approval cycle

Conga, the leader in digital transformation for commercial operations, today announced that business transformation solutions provider, Signavio, implemented Conga solutions – including Conga Composer, Conga Contracts for Salesforce including Conga Orchestrate, and Conga Sign – to streamline the approval cycle and save time on manual activities.

With its Business Transformation Suite, Signavio navigates around 1,500 customers through its daily operations, processes and decisions. The company has offices worldwide, including North America, Singapore, Australia, Benelux, France, Japan, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. Due to rapid growth over the last three years that led to a significantly expanded sales team, Signavio’s legal department needed to expand its capacity to handle the manual approval of quotes and the granting of individual special conditions to the new required extent.

Both its sales and legal teams required the inclusion of boilerplates in customer correspondence that featured non-standard commercial and legal terms, which would regularly require approval by the legal team prior to sending. To automate administrative tasks and thus reduce the waiting and processing time from several days to a few hours, Signavio decided to implement Composer to make the overall legal agreement cycle easier.

With Composer, and Conga Contracts for Salesforce including Orchestrate, Signavio was able to automate document and contract generation. Common definitions, such as non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and master service agreement (MSA) could be created automatically. By storing them in Conga Contracts for Salesforce, the Clause Library and Repository within Salesforce, the legal department could centrally customise these terms and every new quote sent by sales since the change could then include these customised scales or T&Cs.

Signavio can now track contract negotiations over several processes, whilst agreement generation can be automated with an easier validation cycle. Its sales team can focus on leads whilst easing the workload and number of approvals for the legal team. Finally, with Conga Sign, its sales, legal, marketing, recruitment and back office teams can effectively e-sign all customer facing documents easing inter-department workloads.

Shortly after the implementation of Conga, Signavio is already seeing results:

  • 20 hours/week workload shift for the legal department, from manual tasks to strategic projects
  • 90 percent of all offers are now automatically approved
  • 75 percent of C-Level signatures are now executed electronically

After completion of the first three phases according to the maturity model of Conga, Signavio and Conga plan on working on the integration of Conga AI Analyze and the standardisation of the complete contract management.

“We required a software that complemented our own mission statement – to improve workflows, processes, and decisions,” said Dominic Quirschfeld, senior legal counsel at Signavio. “For our sales managers, the implementation of Conga has been a game-changer. Team members who once spent days working on manual documentation can now continue to focus on managing new business pipeline, renewal pipeline and build relationships with customers.”

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