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Partnership boosts security for firms migrating to Magento 2

Cyber security specialist Foregenix has signed a strategic partnership with e-commerce hosting firm Sonassi – part of the – iomart group– to provide more protection to firms planning to upgrade their website platforms to Magento 2.

The partnership will give Sonassi’s clients access to Foregenix’ FGX-Web security solution, which monitors for threats and suspicious behaviour and alerts users to attacks and possible breaches as they migrate. Higher FGX-Web plans are also available which include protection from online threats.

According to Foregenix’s research, there are more than 200,000 e-commerce companies worldwide using Magento 1 and since June 2020 they are no longer supported for upgrades such as security patches.

The process of website migration can be challenging and disruptive, during which the cyber security status of many websites will continue to deteriorate, creating opportunities for criminals to breach e-commerce websites.

Foregenix’s research also shows the migration trend is gaining speed with the number of e-commerce firms using Magento 2 rising by 3.5% – 2,740 sites –  following a 1.7% increase – 1330 sites – in June. The number of e-commerce firms using Magento 2 has now passed 75,000.

The cost of remaining on Magento 1, which leads to a breach and card data being stolen can be high as e-commerce businesses on Magento 1 are no longer considered Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliant. In addition to reputational damage, card brands fine merchants for each cardholder whose data is stolen. GDPR fines can amount to 4 percent of worldwide turnover or € 20 million if security breaches are undisclosed to authorities within 72 hours.

Foregenix co-founder Benjamin Hosack says: “Magento 1 proved to be very popular for e-commerce businesses and for good reason. However, a significant portion of these businesses have not paid much attention to the security of their website.  Now, more than ever, Magento 1 sites are urged to make the simple changes to their websites to reduce the risk of being targeted.

“The upgrade process to Magento 2, or any other platform, takes skill and careful planning, during which time, their website may be exposed to a level of risk that the website owners may not realise.

“Our partnership with Sonassi will enable online businesses to benefit from both the leading Magento hosting provider and the most comprehensive website security solution available in the market to ensure a smooth transition and longer-term security.”

Sonassi has already launched its Responsible Commerce initiative, a programme that Foregenix plays a big part in, to provide Magento 1 websites users with the skills, security and finance to enable a smooth and quick migration to Magento 2.

Sonassi MD, Neil Christie, says: “The Magento community has been targeted by criminals for the last couple of years, causing considerable damage to many online businesses. Our partnership with Foregenix is a strategic move to bring our clients the best of the best in hosting and website security – a combination of services that will enable our clients to focus on their businesses, knowing that we have their hosting and security taken care of.”

Sonassi founder, Ben Lessani, says: “Our partnership with Foregenix brings the leading Magento hosting platform together with the leading Magento security solution with the result being a highly effective and scalable solution to support the Magento community.”