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Huntsman Security Boosts Organisations’ Cyber Risk Posture Through New Cyber Essentials Monitoring Solution

Huntsman Security today announced the launch of its Cyber Essentials monitoring solution, allowing organisations to track the performance of their UK Government Cyber Essentials controls in real-time. Huntsman Security’s solution enhances and supplements the compulsory Cyber Essentials yearly audit process, by allowing organisations to gain a more granular view of their cyber risk posture and so improve their on-going cyber hygiene.

The solution continuously monitors technical Cyber Essentials controls, allowing organisations to gain greater insights into their conformity with the scheme, including:

  • Firewalls – including policy changes, admin logons and flagging vulnerable services passing through firewalls
  • Secure device configuration – including password strength, Microsoft operating system and Office security settings, and key events from security controls and MDM solutions
  • Access controls – including sharing of generic accounts, identifying account changes, and flagging inactive accounts
  • Malware protection – including anti-virus events, changes to applications whitelists and banned software execution
  • Patch management – including non-application of critical patches, flagging outdated software and issues raised by MDM solutions.

“Our new offering is not designed to replace the annual audit process but instead, complement the process. By giving organisations continuous insight into the risks they face, we are enabling them to take corrective action to address any security shortcomings on a more frequent basis,” said Piers Wilson, Head of Product Management at Huntsman Security.

“We have long been supporters of schemes, like the Essential 8 framework in Australia, which pinpoints weaknesses in security controls and informs organisations how they can mitigate that risk to improve their cyber posture and so, better protect themselves. Cyber Essentials gives UK businesses a framework to ensure they are following cybersecurity best practice. Businesses following the scheme know that these controls are important – even essential. As such, it’s vital that they are operating properly not only on the day of an audit, but any other days of the year too.”