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TISAX Certification Qualifies SumTotal to Meet Rigid Automotive Industry Information Security Demands

SumTotal Systems today announced that it has received the TISAX® certification for its Talent Acquisition, Talent Development, Workforce Management, and Learning Management solutions. SumTotal is one of the very few Talent and Corporate Learning providers to pursue and successfully pass the rigorous assessment process for the TISAX certification. The automotive industry is fast moving, incorporating new technologies every day, which has led to rapid, industry-wide growth in the need for team adaptability, agility, and resilience, leading to the need for safe and secure talent development and qualification. 
The TISAX (Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange) certification is a key requirement of automotive providers, suppliers, and associated companies in the automotive industry for any software platforms and systems processing sensitive data. The automotive industry is known to have some of the most rigid and demanding compliance requirements for solutions and systems used in their manufacturing and business processes. Given the need for suppliers and service providers to process highly sensitive information, including employee information, their clients regularly request evidence of compliance with stringent information security requirements. 
“Recognising that our automotive customers need to develop their people while operating within the TISAX framework led us to pursue this certification and support their business model,” said Debasis Dutta, VP and GM, Product, SumTotal Systems. “The TISAX certification verifies that SumTotal is able to meet information security requirements, making it the ideal partner in delivering configurable learning and talent development solutions for organisations in the automotive industry.”
The growing interaction, data exchange and collaboration of companies in the automotive industry with their suppliers and other partners – including the need for training, qualifications, and personnel related processes – makes it necessary for organisations to use Talent and Corporate Learning focused solutions across multiple divisions and with external partners. Rapidly changing markets and the need for employees with specific skills and qualifications pose a major challenge for organisations in the automotive industry and learning and talent solutions are at the centre of addressing this critical business challenge. 
SumTotal provides a unified, comprehensive and configurable solution to support organisations and people in developing adaptability, agility, and resilience. This leads to attracting, developing, qualifying, and retaining the best talent. Always committed to the protection of an organisation’s most valuable assets – its people – going through the process to earn the TISAX certification was an obvious step to ensure the platform is uniquely qualified to support customers in the automotive industry. To learn more about SumTotal, visit