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StormWall will provide African ISPs with cybersecurity grants

StormWall, an international cybersecurity company, is launching an infosec grant program for African ISPs. Internet service providers will get an opportunity to receive a $3,960 grant, allowing them to create a robust cyber defense system for their online resources. The grant will equip companies with a 6-month BGP network protection against DDoS attacks with a legitimate bandwidth of up to 100 megabits per second.

The African internet service market has recently experienced a period of rapid expansion, and the coronavirus epidemic has increased the growth dynamics in the industry even further. The emerging trend may become a turning point in development for many African countries. However, due to the boom in internet consumption, the number of cyberattacks may also rise. Cyberthreats can shut down internet providers indefinitely, leaving customers without communication. Unfortunately, most African companies lack the financial capacity to shield their online resources against cyber threats and become easy prey for hackers. StormWall has allocated cybersecurity grants to help African providers secure their networks, giving them the opening for further development and growth.

StormWall has outlined several conditions for receiving grants. To qualify for a grant, a company must have valid registration. It must run a business providing internet access in Africa and must be working for at least three years. Businesses can submit a claim on the StormWall’s website by completing the protection request form. StormWall will contact eligible companies within 5 working days. Each application is considered individually. StormWall provides grants exclusively to help applicants protect their networks. The right to resell services is not provided. The collection of applications will be carried out until September 1st, 2020.

StormWall has extensive working experience in African countries. The company has already implemented several large-scale projects, that defend the leading African providers from cyberattacks. StormWall’s practice allowed experts to conclude that the requirements of African companies fully match with the needs of organizations in other nations.

“Over the last 15 years, Africa has made a significant technological leap. Today, African technology development dynamics is ahead of that in Europe and the United States. The most promising sectors are e-commerce and fintech. I am sure that the African continent has exceptional potential in the field of information technology. Of course, historically developed challenges of the continent — poverty, and crime — have not disappeared, and they complicate the evolution of the information society. Our mission is to help African countries achieve a new level of technological advancement. For this purpose, we launched a cybersecurity grant program for African Internet providers. We hope other companies in the IT and information security market will follow our example.” – states Ramil Khantimirov, co-founder and CEO of StormWall.


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