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CLOUDWRXS Joins Google Cloud’s Cloud Acceleration Program As a Smart Analytics Partner

CLOUDWRXS, the SAP and Google Cloud consultancy, has joined Google Cloud’s Cloud Acceleration Program as a Smart Analytics partner.

As a member of Google Cloud’s Cloud Acceleration Program (CAP), a digital transformation programme which accelerates businesses transitioning their SAP estate to Google Cloud, CLOUDWRXS will ensure customers gain a fast and reliable SAP migration. Businesses can then benefit from the full range of powerful analytics tools Google Cloud provides, allowing companies to radically transform their business operations.

The collaboration follows a growing appetite among business leaders to bring forward their digital transformation projects. With Covid-19 exposing the limitations of on-prem solutions, businesses needing to become more agile, as well as have in place better safeguards, are driving the adoption of cloud platforms ever more rapidly.

CLOUDWRXS co-founder and CEO Steve Paddock believes the partnership with Google Cloud will enable enterprises they work with to leverage their SAP data in ever more innovative ways, making the businesses even more agile.

Steve commented: “Many CIOs, CTOs and business leaders are now rethinking their cash-flow management, IT infrastructure, cloud strategy and overarching business practices. This is so they can identify ways to help the business recover in the short-term following the outbreak of Covid-19. Whilst also maximising growth opportunities in the new uncertain world in the long-term.

With CLOUDWRXS now a Smart Analytics partner of Google Cloud, our vast knowledge of both Google Cloud and SAP will support businesses on their migration journey but also help them to plan, understand and pinpoint gaps in their analytics. Ensuring they’re not missing out on vital information that can transform business decision making and unlock those growth opportunities. Combining Google Cloud and SAP helps businesses to work smarter and if implemented correctly, can ensure businesses get much more from their ERP. That’s where our analytics support comes in.”

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