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Vivitek introduces free, one-year NovoDS Cloud subscription

Vivitek introduces free, one-year NovoDS Cloud subscription

At a time when safety and value have never been more important to public and private sector organisations, Vivitek has announced that a selection of its NovoConnect and all of its NovoDisplay solutions are now available with a free, one-year NovoDS Cloud subscription promotion, to help make the most of every screen throughout an organisation. This value-packed initiative has been designed to make it simple and cost effective to share ideas and content wirelessly on a large display, while extending the value from new or existing displays with digital signage. Available immediately, the offer is valid until 31 Dec 2020.

Wireless collaboration brings multiple benefits to organisations of all sizes. It facilitates quick and easy meeting or lesson setup thanks to WiFi connectivity, which ensures that meeting attendees can easily connect their devices – and show their content on a display – with just a few simple clicks. It also supports BYOD, so it can cater for multiple devices, while switching between them becomes effortless. This helps to encourage collaboration between meeting and lesson participants, while still adhering to social distancing guidelines.

In addition to being used to display content wirelessly from users’ devices, the selected NovoConnect and NovoDisplay devices transform seamlessly to digital signage functionality. This maximises the use of the display and digital signage, and is a highly effective method for quickly providing consistent and accurate information about safety procedures as well as communicating company or faculty messages. Digital signage can span to every screen in the building from reception areas, right the way through to canteens, break-out zones, huddle areas, lecture halls, classrooms, meeting rooms, training zones and so on.

One of the solutions underpinning Vivitek’s free, one-year NovoDS Cloud subscription promotion offer, is its NC-X700 and NC-X900. These are recent additions to Vivitek’s range of NovoConnect add-on devices that can be connected to any existing display device. They are ideally suited to organisations that already have a screen or a projector, but wish to enhance or extend their existing AV infrastructure with wireless presentation functionality and maximise their screen use with digital signage.

Also covered in the promotion, is Vivitek’s NovoDisplay, an all-in-one flat screen solution which integrates three key functions – 4K-UHD display, wireless collaboration capabilities and digital signage – to create one productivity-boosting solution. Designed for huddle rooms and offices, NovoDisplay is central to transforming conventional group meetings into a meeting format that’s more befitting of the ‘always–on’, digital era, where everyone is encouraged to participate. With its flexibility and rich feature set, the multi-faceted NovoDisplay provides a seamless gateway to effortless wireless information sharing in meetings, as well providing a digital message/announcement board during other office hours.

Uniting both the NC-X700/NC-X900 and NovoDisplay in this promotion, is Vivitek’s NovoDS Cloud, a cloud-based service that enables digital signage device and content management of Vivitek’s NovoDS family of digital signage solutions. This easy-to-use, role-based cloud service enables administrators, publishers, and designers to manage playlists, set up devices, create new content and more, from anywhere with an internet connection

With the NovoDS Cloud service, users have the flexibility to first create and then push digital signage content from the cloud to one or more NovoDS devices. The media content for the playlist can also be loaded from a remote media alternative, such as picture or video saved in a Google drive, Dropbox, or an FTP site and so on. It also gives users the means to remotely manage content – and control their devices – from anywhere over the Internet from a laptop, PC or a mobile phone, via their NovoDS cloud account.

Businesses and schools can opt for a standardised approach to their digital signage with content that can be updated and upload centrally; and it’s easy to do, too – NovoDS Cloud allows digital signage updates to be managed simply by using a web browser environment, making it effortless to easily create digital signage content and update and stream it to all screens instantly.

Users won’t be the only people happy with the solution. As the NovoConnect and NovoDisplays can be managed remotely, they need little maintenance from the IT or network manager, leaving them free to concentrate on other more important matters, such as facilitating remote working or a safe return to office or classroom.

Commenting on the offer, Holger Graeff, General Manager, Vivitek EMEA, said: “Private and public sector organisations are now adapting their AV and IT in line with the current pandemic challenges. The key words here are safety and value; it’s imperative staff and students can return to a safe environment, while value has become paramount given that business growth and development have been on hold for almost a quarter. With its free, one-year NovoDS Cloud promotion, Vivitek is playing a role in helping to bring wireless collaboration to all, in order to make meetings productive and lessons enjoyable again, in a safe and cost effective way.”