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Cinq Amis Partners with LEAPWORK to Provide Businesses with Innovative Test Automation Solutions

The partnership between LEAPWORK and Cinq Amis combines the offering of Cinq Amis’ expertise across the testing pipeline with LEAPWORK’s no-code automation approach, which gives businesses the opportunity to deliver consistently high quality assurance (QA) standards and maximize efficiency throughout their testing processes.

With extensive knowledge and an analytical approach to testing processes, Cinq Amis will help businesses utilize the LEAPWORK automation platform by offering tailored frameworks that are robust and cost-effective.

“Cinq Amis are thrilled to team up with LEAPWORK. The partnership is a perfect blend of leading test automation technology and testing expertise. We truly believe our clients will benefit from this partnership as our models align beautifully and allow us to provide our clients with a reliable, scalable test automation service,” said Emma Debroye, CEO at Cinq Amis.

“Working with industry experts with an innovative approach, such as Cinq Amis, poses great opportunities for LEAPWORK’s users,” said Andreas Lund, Partner Director at LEAPWORK. “Cinq Amis is a strong team with a broad set of technical skills, business strategy expertise and great vision, so we are excited to see the success that this partnership can bring.”