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Cloudera Data Platform for Private Cloud is Now Available

Cloudera, (NYSE: CLDR), the enterprise data cloud company, have announced the general availability of Cloudera Data Platform Private Cloud (CDP Private Cloud). CDP Private Cloud extends cloud-native speed, simplicity and economics for the connected data lifecycle to the data center, enabling IT to respond to business needs faster and deliver rock-solid service levels so people can be more productive with data.

“CDP Private Cloud data analytics experiences help people, teams and businesses work smarter, not harder,” said Anupam Singh, chief customer officer, Cloudera. “People are more productive because they have self-service access to the data and analytics they need to work more efficiently. Teams are more collaborative because they can quickly access and share data anywhere. Businesses are more agile because they make decisions faster and better with CDP Private Cloud’s powerful data analytics experiences.”

Operating CDP Private Cloud is simpler for IT, with powerful container-based management tools that reduce the time to deliver analytics and machine learning from weeks to minutes. It also changes the game for data center economics with container-based analytics and machine learning to help reduce data center costs by increasing server utilization up to 70%, while also reducing storage and data center overhead. Overall, CDP Private Cloud can deliver up to 50% more analytics for the same data center investment.

With CDP Private Cloud, IT can now meet the exponential demand for data analytics and machine learning services, with a petabyte-scale hybrid data architecture that can flex to use private and public clouds. According to IDC, 84% of customers are repatriating workloads from the public cloud with 67% of applications in both public and private cloud environments. Hybrid cloud is strategic and practical for large enterprises. CDP Private Cloud is built for hybrid cloud, seamlessly connecting on-premises environments to public clouds with consistent, built-in security and governance. It runs the same easy-to-use analytic experiences in the data center that have been proven in CDP Public Cloud on AWS and Azure. Only Cloudera delivers this level of hybrid cloud user experience, operations consistency and infrastructure choice.

Companies Say Yes to Cloudera Data Platform Private Cloud

“The ability to leverage data in a multi-cloud environment provides more flexibility for organizations with varying cloud and enterprise data strategies, without compromising security and governance,” said Manish Dasaur, a managing director with Accenture Applied Intelligence.

“Our strategic partnership with Cloudera is rooted in a common and deep belief that

the best companies are data-driven ones,” said Daniel Hernandez, General Manager, IBM Data and AI. “When combined, Cloudera Data Platform and IBM’s Cloud Pak for Data offer clients a comprehensive data management, data engineering, and data science solution for putting data to work with AI. And because both are built on and run on Red Hat OpenShift, clients can enjoy the economic benefits and technical freedom of running a common data and AI stack on any Cloud.”

“With the evolution of Cloudera to cloud-native architecture, companies are now able to deliver powerful self-service analytics across hybrid and multi-cloud environments, delivering value from edge to cloud,” said Jeremy Rader, General Manager, Digital Transformation and Scale Solutions, Data Platforms Group at Intel. “Intel latest generation technology optimized for CDP Private Cloud helps businesses get faster insights from their data-intensive applications as well as deliver the benefits of consistently improved service scalability.”

Cloudera has an ecosystem of technology partners that are certified on Cloudera Data Platform including AnacondaGluentH2O.aiOwlDQPepperdataPortworxPreciselyProtegrityQlikTalend, and Unravel Data.

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