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Zyfra Releases Industrial Internet of Things System Update with Remote Equipment Connection Option

Zyfra, Finnish-Russian industrial digitalization firm, has released an updated version of MDCplus real-time machine monitoring and manufacturing data collection system.


The system’s operating principle suggests that each machine automatically sends its operation data into a single digital system. Data on the equipment condition, workload and modes of operation is transferred from the machines to computers and other devices equipped with special software. It makes production processes transparent and provides objective data to inform management decisions concerning redistribution of machine workload, control of personnel performance and product quality, and reduction of downtime.

Presently MDCplus encompasses about 10,000 machines at 330 enterprises in more than 20 countries of the world, including India, Russia, Romania, Singapore, Turkey, Finland and France.

The new version gives enterprises an opportunity to control and analyze the production cycle of each part and connect machines to the monitoring system without assistance.

“To connect a machine to the monitoring system, it has to be integrated into the local internal network of an enterprise. It takes just a few steps to connect the machine to the system remotely and to start collecting data with its help. Continuous improvement of the system is particularly necessary in the context of high alert due to the pandemic of the novel coronavirus infection. It also helps accelerate integration of monitoring in production,” says Vitaly Tuyev, Product Owner at Zyfra.

“We have successfully completed a pilot project for remote connection of machines at the enterprise of Harsha Engineers, a Romanian subsidiary of India’s Harsha Engineers Ltd., one of the world’s leading manufacturers of bearing cages,” adds Alexander Lizunkov, Director for International Implementation of Industrial Equipment and Personnel Monitoring Systems in Zyfra.

The new release also features the option for control and life cycle analysis of each workpiece or part. Labels on workpieces can be used to track each processing stage. Precise information about location of the part and operations performed helps reveal deviations in technical processes and promptly identify defective parts. This, in turn, helps reduce the cost of corrections and exclude the possibility of defective items shipment to the client.

Aside from new solutions, MDCplus system offers energy efficiency modules, automated support of maintenance and repair services, and integration with predictive analytics system.

Power consumption monitoring option helps collect data on energy losses from machines in various modes and conditions in a prompt and objective manner, and to register and analyze quality indicators of the power supply system.

Automated service and repair support helps reduce repair time and increase the lifespan of the equipment through optimized speed and quality of preventive service.

Predictive analytics helps the system forestall equipment breakdowns and control tool consumption.

MDCplus equipment monitoring system increases production performance by an average of 20% and actual equipment utilization by 10–30%, and reduces unscheduled downtime by 20%.

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