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Medallia Launches Service Experience Quickstart for ServiceNow

Empowers organisations to optimise their customer service experiences, reduce churn and grow upsell, cross-sell opportunities in the moment

Medallia, the global leader in experience management, today announced Service Experience Quickstart for ServiceNow Customer Service Management (CSM) enabling companies to capture customer service experience feedback in real time and take intelligent action to optimise those experiences in-the-moment in ServiceNow CSM.

The pre-configured solution can be up and running in days and empowers businesses to capture in-the-moment rich video, audio or text feedback. With the addition of Medallia AI-powered intelligence, companies gain a clear picture of how customers are feeling about their customer service experiences and what actions are required to optimise them.

“The customer experience industry has continued to see accelerated growth, as companies digitise and customers raise their expectations for personalised, simple and efficient interactions with brands,” said Michael Ramsey, vice president of Product Management for Customer Workflow products at ServiceNow. “Today, companies must do more than just engage with customers to drive loyalty. Great service requires a holistic view of the customer. With the Medallia Service Experience Quickstart for ServiceNow organisations have the ability to quickly and proactively respond, take action, and incorporate feedback to continuously improve the experience.”

Medallia announced its first integration with ServiceNow in October 2019. Customers including 7-Eleven have been using Medallia Experience Cloud and ServiceNow CSM and together, they’ve been helping brands proactively address customer issues, drive to faster resolutions, and get feedback on a customer’s support.

“Through an integration with Medallia and ServiceNow CSM, 7-Eleven is now able to optimise case resolution and share customer experience insights, enabling 7-Eleven to move more quickly and take feedback-to-action in a targeted way,” says Michelle Brigman, Director of Customer Experience at 7-Eleven Inc.

“The acceleration of digital disruption has dramatically increased customer service engagements, creating new opportunities to listen and understand customers, and take proactive actions to create brand promoters. I am thrilled to launch the Medallia Service Experience offering as it brings the power of two market-leading solutions together to deliver exceptional customer experiences,” said Sarika Khanna, chief product officer for Medallia.