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Zortrex appoints Michael Boevink as CEO

Zortrex, the disruptive data security start-up and developer of Zortrex Token Vault, a unique, secure and scalable tokenisation system, has today announced the appointment of Michael Boevink as CEO. In his new position, Boevink will be responsible for shaping the future direction and development of the company, realising its goal to help organisations reduce the cost and complexity of protecting against data breaches, safeguard customer privacy, and ensure compliance with ever-changing regulatory requirements.

Boevink brings over 20 years of experience spent in the new media, telecom and financial services sectors. He holds an MBA from the University of Bradford and has a stellar track record enabling organisations to scale to the next level and accelerate growth on a global scale. He has an in-depth understanding of the security threat landscape and is experienced in developing, implementing and executing go-to-market strategies; innovative marketing management projects; and business development.

Zortrex’s overriding goal to stem the rising tide of data breaches. It will do this by leveraging tokenisation, which replaces confidential personal information with randomly generated substitute characters (tokens), as placeholder data, to mitigate the impact of any cyber-attack by devaluing all sensitive data.

As a member of the Zortrex Advisory Board, Boevink has already played a key role in supporting and advancing the company’s innovation agenda, and introducing more organisations to Zortrex Token Vault, a scalable and secure platform that tokenises messages in-line, removing and storing sensitive data such as credit/debit card information at the boundaries of an organisation.

“With the ever increasing proliferation of data breaches, there is a pressing need for organisations to protect against cyber-attacks, secure sensitive data to drive compliance and capitalise on business outcomes,” said Boevink.

“Zortrex Token Vault allows organisations to evolve how they manage sensitive information. Tokenisation closes the security gaps and mitigates the risks. I’m looking forward to working with Zortrex to help address organisations’ most important challenge by making data security an ‘easy to solve’ task.”

Zortrex Chairwoman Susan Brown added:  “Michael has an impressive track record of leading teams to success, and we are excited to begin this next chapter in our journey.

“Our goal is to turn the tables on hackers, one token at a time. We know that the best way to protect against cyber-attack is to devalue sensitive data and Michael’s leadership will be pivotal in realising our vision to tokenise individuals’ identities so that all of their personal information resides on a token, and to tokenise every company, government body or institution’s infrastructure – to ensure that personal data remains personal,” she concluded.