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Netcompany launches blueprint for Digital Government

Leading IT services provider launches platform of hundreds of society critical IT solutions using a unique govtech delivery model

  • The GovTech Framework will act as a platform for Netcompany to share examples of successful IT solutions, and offer advice and best practice to public sector teams around the world
  • Headquartered in Copenhagen with offices in the UK and across Northern Europe, Netcompany has been instrumental in supporting Denmark’s journey to becoming the front runner of public digital transformation

Global IT consultancy, Netcompany, has announced the launch of The GovTech Framework, a comprehensive platform of hundreds of proven society critical IT solutions based on thousands of components.

The GovTech Framework provides in-depth insight into Netcompany’s large portfolio of govtech deliveries deployed across northern Europe, as well as a Netcompany’s
deep understanding of what a successful delivery model for a modern digital public sector should look like. The real government solutions and real components can be combined to create new solutions that can be utilised by governments across the world.

Denmark is the global leader in digital government following its first-place ranking in the 2020 United Nations E-Government Survey and is widely seen as the most advanced and successful govtech country in the world.

Netcompany has been key in this development, by providing more than 250 highly society critical solutions to the Danish authorities, all based on componentised
modern technology, including; the new system for child support, the housing benefits, system for handling of distressed children and youth, the debt collection system for the Danish Tax authorities and the new digital schooling platform in Denmark.

Lars Thuesen, Danish ambassador, in the UK said: “Denmark is consistently rated as having one of the world’s most digital public sectors. The original impetus for embracing technology was to make the public sector more efficient so that Denmarkcan continue to afford the welfare that its citizens expect, and it has in fact created very significant savings. However, along the way we have found that actually, it has in many respects improved the public sector service level. And most recently a highly digital public sector has helped maintain its capabilities even though most public sector staff has worked from home.”

André Rogaczewski, CEO and Co-Founder of Netcompany, said: “Societies across the world are in a state of rapid digital transformation, driven by significant challenges that are common to us all. Where transformation is already happening, it has fundamentally changed society, business and the way we live our lives for the better. The new world requires far more agile approaches and development models.

“There is also a strong public desire to be released from old, locked legacy systems. The public sector is looking for agile, future-proof systems, based on open govtech platform components that ensure full flexibility and opportunity for ongoing innovation.

“Digitisation has saved Danish society €300m (£271m) in annual spending over the past 15 years. We’ve created The Govtech Framework so that we can share our
experience and knowledge of successful IT solutions, offer advice and promote best practice to public sector teams around the world.

“The framework is based on what might be the most comprehensive portfolio of successful and open govtech deliveries and components in northern Europe.”

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