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Amazing Building Technology

Building and construction have always been seen as a more natural and physical profession, using brute force and humble equipment like the hammer and screwdriver to get projects done. However, the truth is construction and DIY are filled with some of the latest and most sophisticated pieces of technology to help make builds go easier as well as allow for more innovative projects.

In an industry where precision is crucial, and quality is important, it’s no wonder that a lot of amazing pieces of DIY technology has emerged. Here are some of the most interesting and useful.


Laser Tape Measures

Laser tape measures are an awesome piece of technology as it can help builders and construction works calculate lengths, widths, and heights with greater ease than a traditional tape measure. Instead of moving between two points which is required for a conventional tape measure, a laser measurement device can be used in one static position and has far superior accuracy up to an astounding 198 meters. This makes it a fantastic tool for home projects as well as industrial-sized builds.


Self-Healing Concrete

An unspeakable amount of money is spent annually on maintaining, fixing, and restoring concrete structures such as buildings, tunnels and bridges. The reason for this is that all forms of concrete will eventually crack after time, which can put a lot of these builds’ structural integrity at risk. Self-healing concrete can alleviate some of these costs and add years to a project’s life, due to its ability to restore itself.

This science-fiction-like technology works when water enters a newly formed crack. The water is used to reactivate the bacteria that was mixed into the concrete during the mixing process, and this reactivation encourages the bacteria to excrete a substance known as calcite, which heals the cracks.


Sealants and Adhesives

Stuff such as expanding foam and other forms of sealants may not sound like the most exciting form of DIY technology, but that may be because how widely used these products already are. Sealants have a broad range of properties in terms of strength, flexibility, and solubility, to ensure that there’s a sealant for each job.

Their main use is to block the passage of fluids between two materials and are usually used when a space is too small to be filled with concrete or timber. What makes sealants so interesting is how they get to work once they start drying and how their properties change during this process. They are also great at combining two things and can be used almost like glue in some cases, making them versatile pieces of technology.


Smart Bricks

Smart bricks are a new type of brick that are coming to fruition to make construction of new houses and buildings a lot easier and cheaper. Due to their Lego-like design, they allow bricks to fit effortlessly into and beside each other, which eliminates the need for concrete to fuses the bricks together. They’re said to have great thermal energy control and have space for insulation, electricity and plumbing, making them a viable building method for the future.