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ITS Telematics Solutions (ITS) announce new partnership with Verex Group

ITS Telematics Solutions (ITS) are delighted to announce their new partnership with Verex Group, the UK market leader in Vehicle Manufacturer Insurance and Accident Management services. Using ITS’s proprietary technology and the latest innovations in connected data services, ITS will support and drive Verex’s strategy of continually transforming and enhancing customer experience within the Vehicle Manufacturer market.

Verex’s new range of insurance solutions will include a wealth of products and services allowing vehicle manufacturers to offer a personalised service to their customers. Services will include; Usage Based Insurance (UBI) and Pay As You Drive (PAYD), plus “E-FNOL” (First Notification Of Loss) capture can be fully deployed. These capabilities will deliver a seamless customer experience, a streamline approach to the claims process, whilst helping to automate and control claims costs for insurers and vehicle manufacturers.

Mark Aryaeenia, Director at Verex Group, said, “The ITS platform allows us to offer Vehicle Manufacturers across the UK a market-leading customer experience and a new range of insurance solutions through the use of connected data services suited to customer specific needs, including crash detection capabilities and E-FNOL capture and alerts. The ITS team are experts at managing driver data and their advanced technology management solutions made it an easy choice when sourcing a specialist to help us facilitate the execution of our strategy.”

Adam Gooch, Commercial Director at ITS, commented, “We are delighted to be working with the Verex Group to offer this unique and advanced solution to drivers and vehicle manufacturers. Verex is keen to push the boundaries of driver data management to ensure they offer the best and most innovative solutions for their customers and vehicle manufacturers. We developed our ITS Hub solution for exactly this purpose, as it allows us to take driver data from any source and manage this data to deliver a market leading and tailored solution for provision of insurance and accident management services.”