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Fivetran Announces “Pay-As-You-Go” Pricing to Accelerate Adoption of Automated Data Integration

Fivetran, the leading provider of automated data integration, today announced a pay-as-you-go, credit-card option for organisations that want to quickly and easily load data into centralised data warehouses, but may not have the resources to commit to an annual contract or simply want to try Fivetran before doing so. With a growing list of more than 150 popular data sources, such as Salesforce, Postgres and Zendesk, Fivetran is the only company to automate the maintenance of every data pipeline and guarantee access to the latest data all the time.

To sign up for the new Fivetran service, customers simply select a plan level and provide their billing information (i.e., credit card number) at any point during the 14-day free trial period, which is available to all new Fivetran accounts and begins upon completion of the first data upload. For the first 14 days, customers can “consume,” or upload and sync, as many data sources and as much data as they want, at no cost. At the end of the trial period, Fivetran bills the customer’s credit card at the end of each month for that month’s data consumption. Customers can convert to an ongoing annual contract, which delivers the additional benefits of a Fivetran account team and discounted data consumption fees, at any time without additional fees.

“Fivetran makes it as easy as possible for any organisation to benefit from centralising their data without the pain of building and maintaining data integrations themselves,” said Fraser Harris, vice president of product for Fivetran. “Our new online purchasing option enables anyone to evaluate and purchase Fivetran at their own pace, giving them the power to make data-driven, revenue-impacting decisions themselves. It democratises data access.”

To date, Fivetran counts more than 1,300 companies, including global brands such as BJ’s Restaurants, ClassPass, Conagra Brands Databricks, Docusign, Forever 21, Lime, Square, Udacity and Urban Outfitters, as customers.

The new online purchasing option also enables organisations to better manage cash flow, allowing them to upgrade, downgrade or cancel service as required. Additionally, if a company’s analytical needs grow or shrink, leading to more or fewer connectors over a set period, monthly consumption will account for that change, helping to control costs. The monthly nature of the USD payment structure also supports international buyers that may be concerned about currency fluctuations.