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The 2020 Paradigm Shift in Mobile App Consumer Trends

With just four months away from wrapping this year up, Offline-turned-online apps show explosive growth in Q2,2020. Apps like Online Pharmacy, Health & Fitness, and Edtech apps take podium finishes based on Downloads and DAU data. According to the all-new Global Mobile Consumer Trends Report, 2020, published by MoEngage– Healthcare and Education Apps are the MVPs of mobile consumption-  In Q2, 2020, Health & Fitness apps saw an increase of 45.66% in the number of global mobile app downloads from Q1, 2020.


A look at the Global Industry Radar shows Edtech, Banking & Fintech, and Healthcare & Fitness have seen steady growth in both DAU & Downloads in Q2, 2020(April to June).

The Highs and Lows of Finding Love in 2020

Global rise in downloads of dating apps in Q2 vs Q1 was 18.24%.

EMEA countries and the Americas saw the highest number of downloads for video streaming apps.


Downloads Dating.jpg


Growth in download of dating apps in Europe and Middle East and North Africa was similar to the global average.


Food Delivery Apps still see continued traction

Globally, e-commerce apps, retail apps and grocery apps have seen an increase in new users by 15.09% , the the number of active users has reduced by 0.10%

DAU Shopping.jpg

This category includes e-commerce apps, retail apps and grocery apps.

The Americas have seen the highest increase in the number of new users (21.53%) and active users (5.87%), followed by Middle East and North Africa which has seen a 19.84% increase in new users and 2.95% in active users

With a paradigm shift in usage and buying patterns with customers preferring to spend on essentials rather than luxury buys has forced brands to revamp their market and engagement strategies to ensure the long lasting relationship continues and customers are retained. Country wise lockdown practices have enabled these app categories in particular to witness such high spikes in downloads and DAUs as mobile phone owners spent time home.