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Uberall launches ‘Near Me’ 360 – first of its kind location marketing audit tool – free-of-charge

New tool allows businesses to benchmark their local marketing, comparing how their ‘Near Me’ brand experience stacks up against local competitors when it comes to all the touch-points along the customer journey from the first online search for something ‘near me,’ to the actual store visit.

Earlier this week, Uberall, the Global SaaS ‘Near Me’ Brand Experience provider, released a free game changing tool: the ‘Near Me’ 360, which will finally allow businesses to benchmark their local business performance against their local competitors.

By using new data insights to analyse what turns online consumers into offline local customers, Uberall was able to create the most complete tool for businesses wishing to benchmark their local marketing and understand how they can maximise online visibility and conversions.

The data behind the tool, which is based around analysing over 10,000 business locations in multiple markets, underscores the very real impact that data accuracy still has on online visibility – the most accurate 10% of locations were seeing as much as 9x the visibility (impressions) as the bottom 10% of locations analysed.

Not only that, but the top 10% of locations with the highest level of data accuracy were also converting at 140% (website clicks, phone calls, driving directions) higher rates than the worst performers.

What does this mean for businesses looking to increase local visibility? With ‘Near Me’ 360 there is now full alignment between business goals and what is good for the customer.

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