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54% of IT decision makers admit to data collection shortcomings

Over half (54%) of IT decision makers that took part in an online data collection research panel conducted by the leading research firm Frost & Sullivan and commissioned by Luminati Networks expressed a need for larger-scale data collection as appetite for data continues to grow. Other data collection challenges include a lack of visibility into regional insights (24%) and being blocked from websites when trying to access publicly available data (22%).

Of the 128 IT decision makers from industries including retail, financial services, travel, security, brand protection and marketing, almost half said they use data collection for business critical operations such as market research (49%), collection of competitive public data (44%) and price comparison (7%). However, nearly two-thirds (65%) of businesses are yet to deploy enterprise solutions for collecting data at scale.

“These findings highlight that brands from a wide range of sectors are using data collection for market research and gaining strategic insights, but capacity issues and the inability to unlock geographical-based online data, are still causing roadblocks across the board,” said Or Lenchner, CEO of Luminati Networks. “To benefit from the valuable insights that data can provide, brands need to be working with partners who can deliver the capability to collect the right data, in the required volumes, fast. Failure to do this will see brands fall behind in their respective sectors and that’s why they must act now.”