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Estonians consistent in strengthening cyber security – upcoming development weekend Garage48 Cyber Security Online Hackathon 2020 provides a springboard for new international start-ups

Garage48 and Startup Estonia together with the Institute of Computer Science of the University of Tartu are welcoming participants with bright and innovative ideas to take part in a cyber security themed hackathon taking place online from 23-25 October, organized for the fourth consecutive year. The aim of the event is to secure our cyberspace through solving various challenging problems and to develop working prototypes within 48 hours.

“It’s already the fourth year in a row that we are organizing a cyber security hackathon together with Startup Estonia. It’s a pleasure to see how interest for the field grows with each year and how solutions developed at hackathons are in compliance with demanding challenges present in the cyber security field. The news increasingly reflect how Estonian cyber security startups are raising investments, grow by the number of employees and how the will to contribute to the community from startups’ side is increasing. Similar to past years, we have involved once again several organizations and startups that wish to support young teams financially as well as with substantive support and awards. More negotiations are underway in favour of this,” says Garage48 project manager and one of the main organizers Merit Vislapu.

Garage48 Cyber Security Online Hackathon 2020 will take place online from 23-25 October with submission of ideas being open until 27th of September. Those who wish to take part can do so by presenting their idea at a new Eventornado platform. The event will provide an opportunity to exchange ideas and work vigorously together with others interested in tackling the problems of cyber security and building new solutions as well as new business opportunities. For the best results, top-notch mentors and experts with international experience are brought onboard to support this intensive weekend hackathon marathon.

Developers, designers, marketing gurus, project managers, data specialists and cyber security experts and enthusiasts are encouraged to take part in this significant happening.
Topics/focus areas for the Cyber Security Online Hackathon are visible at Garage48 homepage.

The main aim of the Cyber Security Online Hackathon 2020 is to showcase and strengthen the Estonian image as a strong, bold and connected cybersecurity country. With this online hackathon, we want to grow, nourish and expand the cybersecurity community and contribute to the formation of new cybersecurity startups here in Estonia.

“Estonia is known in the world as a country that is successful in cyber security management. Since no country wishes to be an immobile moss-covered rock, then we’re doing all we can to escalate the progress of the cyber security field and give increasing opportunities to people interested in development of cyber security and its business needs. The prime purpose of this cyber security hackathon is to offer, within a weekend, an opportunity to get an acceleration in setting up businesses for people who are interested and working on building solutions, in the cyber security field. Our wish is that teams who receive development impetus from the event will see and experience enough existing cyber security competence in Estonia and choose this country for the head office of their future company,” adds Startup Estonia cyber security project lead Marily Hendrikson.

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