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Oxylabs’ Innovative Solution to Make Internet Cleaner Wins the National Competition

Oxylabs, a provider of premium proxies and data scraping tools, has won the challenge, curated by the innovation accelerator GovTech Lab, to find a solution on how to automate the detection of illegal content online. The Oxylabs proposal, incorporating artificial intelligence (AI), will be turned into a fully-functioning prototype, which will strengthen the position of institutions fighting against harmful activities on the internet.

The challenge was initially proposed by the Communications Regulatory Authority of the Republic of Lithuania (RRT) as a response to the rising numbers of illegal content online. The nation-wide competition was launched through the GovTech Lab platform to find a solution or a tool that could recognize prohibited visual material placed on Lithuanian servers and send its link (URL) to the RRT hotline.

“We have selected the Oxylabs team since we believe that their proposed AI-based solution could be highly efficient in identifying harmful online content, helping us to create a friendlier online environment for everyone, especially children” – said Vaidotas Ramonas, Director of Digital Services Department of the Communications Regulatory Authority (RRT).

Since the foundation in 2015, Oxylabs has been the leader of innovation in the field of web data gathering, employing cutting-edge technologies to solve complex tasks. The company has entered the competition with a strong team of data scientists, software developers, and engineers who were already familiar with the application of AI and machine learning (ML) algorithms. Ovidijus Balkauskas, Oxylabs Tech Team Lead for the GovTech Challenge, said:

“The solution for the challenge resulted from our gathered know-how in AI and ML-driven web data collection and extensive research. We have looked into the functionalities of existing tools and spent endless hours consulting with experts in the fields of technology, social issues, and law to better understand the challenges and resources needed for further the development of the tool.“

Supporting the initiatives of social good reflects Oxylabs alignment with the company’s dedication to creating value for both businesses and societies at large. The Chief Executive Officer at Oxylabs Julius Cerniauskas confirmed:

“Ethical and effective web data gathering has immense potential to fuel the work of NGOs, academics, and researchers worldwide. Our expertise in the field and unmatched web scraping tools has placed us in a unique position to spearhead the data-driven social responsibility efforts.

Oxylabs will engage in the intense 10-week accelerator program filled with training sessions, where, together with the RRT consultants, the winning idea will turn into reality. After reaching the final stage of the project, the created prototype will be adapted to serve the needs of various institutions globally.

“Oxylabs is always on the lookout for new partnerships to make big data serve big goals. As the market leaders and role models, we see it as our responsibility to contribute to the important work of NGOs, academia, and researchers, so get in touch to join forces with us” – invites Julius Cerniauskas.