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Why tech plays a big role in the Gambling Industry

The online gambling industry is huge in the UK, with roughly 24 million adults now gambling regularly and almost half of these, 10.5 million to be exact, now bet online.

Technology has played a huge role in facilitating this, with technology simultaneously making gambling easy with mobile apps and traditional websites all filling a niche.  There are literally hundreds of independent casino sites all touting for business and all finding a way to thrive in a competitive environment that covers everything from online scratchcards to bingo, to poker and to ‘playing the slots’ through online apps and websites.

Of course, this easy access to gambling is not so good for gamblers who have an addiction, meaning that at any point, their addiction is only a click away.

Tech assists with this too, a voluntary system called GAMSTOP allows gamblers to sign up for the length of time of their choosing, allowing them to regain control.  There are casinos not on Gamstop, but these non Gamstop casinos and non Gamstop betting sites are not licensed in the UK.

Gamblers who sign up to Gamstop will be automatically restricted from playing at every UK licensed casino, every licensed website and every licensed online app for their chosen period of time.  It provides a really useful tool to regain control and is a good example of how tech can be used to help problem gamblers while facilitating occasional gaming for others.

However, while online gambling has increased exponentially, technology has also enabled new hi-tech ways of offline gambling, too.

No longer the manual slot machine in the corner of the pub, most pubs now have a wide choice of hi-tech entertainment, with ‘quiz machines’ that allow you to bet on your skills, attracting players of all ages, to new updated ‘slots’ – all running on complex algorithms that usually ensure that the machine owners (and the pubs hosting them) make long term revenue.

The gambling industry is worth 14.3Bn GBP each year and employs 46.1 employees in the UK alone.  7602 of these roles are technical and another 7518 of these roles are remote working jobs.  These are well paid jobs, with some gaming software engineer roles reaching £50k.

The tech industry and gaming go hand in hand.  Software developers looking for a new career could do well to bet on the gambling industry.