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Mobile games industry inspires new e-Learning solution to help schools during COVID-19 pandemic

Award winning game developers have teamed up with a leading UK law firm to help school and academy trust staff comply with the legal and regulatory environment during the current pandemic.

E3 Compliance Training (E3CT), led by co-founders Steve Brett, Nicolas, Pylypiuk and BAFTA award winner Dave Allsopp, have spent months working with lawyers at Browne Jacobson, a National Powerhouse in the education sector, on developing the content and app for EduCompli.

EduCompli will deliver a series of bespoke fun and engaging staff training modules covering topics such as data protection, including GDPR, child protection, online safety, health & safety and equality & diversity.

Accessible on a range of mobile devices including laptops, tablets and smart phones, each module delivers gamified bite sized learning that incorporates techniques widely used in the mobile games industry such as high score tables and avatars which have proven to enhance user engagement and learning levels in e-Learning programs.

Steve Brett, co-founder of E3CT, added:

“It’s great to see training using the E3 unique suite of tools to deliver effective training to staff at schools and academies using the widely recognised expertise of Browne Jacobson in the market. Compliance training is at the forefront of many organisations, yet the training itself hasn’t really changed in more than 20 years.

“At E3 we have a different approach. We use our gaming industry experience to leverage the same ideas and insights that keep players engaged with many popular games and apply them to compliance training, and the results speak for themselves.

“In our experience less than 30 percent of employees participate when traditional passive compliance training methods are used. This rises to over 90 percent with more than 70 percent redoing their training at least once voluntarily when you successfully incorporate gamification into e-Learning.

“Our training is supported by robust analytics that allows managers and compliance officers to easily interpret learning results into meaningful data to ensure their compliance obligations are being met.”

E3CT, which has operations in the East Midlands and North West, has been working in partnership with Browne Jacobson since 2017 when it was asked to develop an anti-money laundering e-Learning module for the law firm’s 1000-plus employees.

Its success led to the co-development of a comprehensive risk and compliance training programme for the firm which culminated in them jointly winning the ‘Best Law Firm and Provider Collaboration’ award at the Legal Education & Training Group (LETG) Awards 2019.”

Dai Durbridge, education partner, said:

“The impact Covid-19 has had on the school community means it is more important than ever for school leaders to make sure they comply with the legal and regulatory environment.

“The added pressures facing school staff during these unprecedented times means the training needs to be as flexible as possible, allowing participants to engage at a pace that suits them. We have also embedded enhanced data and analytics into each module so that school leaders can assess overall compliance levels and identify development needs very easily.

“The first two modules focus on GDPR and child protection – two of the areas from our experience which pose the biggest challenges to schools, with others to come on stream later in the year.

“It is really important schools get and stay on top of their regulatory responsibilities as the sanctions, fines and reputational damage for breach can be significant.”