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Avantgarde London reimagines the virtual event with the launch of VITE

Brand Experience Agency, Avantgarde London, today announces the launch of its bespoke virtual event platform – VITE. The groundbreaking single platform solution is fully customisable and built with the specific needs of virtual events in mind, enabling brands to deliver an exceptional experience in the virtual world – at a time where it’s never been more important.

VITE has been in development for the last 3 months and combines the agency’s experience of real-world events, deep understanding of the needs of users and technological expertise. The platform delivers an intelligent fully bespoke solution that creates a simple and unified user journey from registration, right the way through to live event days.

Avantgarde’s VITE makes engaging audiences and getting messages across easy. Built-in algorithms that match content and attendees for a more personalised experience, alongside structured agendas managed through the bespoke itinerary and custom notifications are all foolproof ways to reach and engage with larger audiences than previously possible with physical events.

The platform transcends the capabilities of off-the-shelf options. Key differentiating features of VITE include:

A SINGLE PLATFORM SOLUTION: Video calls, text chat, polls, live or on-demand content, registration, measurement and networking in one place.
DEVICE AGNOSTIC: Runs, with all functionality, across mobile, laptop, desktop and tablet.
BESPOKE UX, DESIGN AND FUNCTIONALITY: UX, visual design and functionality is tailored specifically to brand and audience. Nothing generic here – VITE can match brand CI, completely.
ACTIVE CONTENT SUGGESTIONS: Matches content to attendees for better engagement.
CONNECTIONS MADE EASY: Networking that actually works, virtually. Attendees can communicate easily via instant chat and book meetings with each other, speakers and sponsors through the in-platform calendar.
BESPOKE MEASUREMENT: Measurement is important. VITE can show you where people tap, which sessions they view, how often they interact with others, and more – all to build a picture of the optimum content and experience.
BUILT-IN SECURITY FUNCTIONS: Security controls for businesses and event attendees can be tailored to specific requirements.
NO MORE FOMO: Live streaming, live Q+As, bespoke attendee itineraries, custom notifications and on-demand content make it impossible to miss out.

Jason Anderson, Digital Director at Avantgarde London says: “Avantgarde has long pioneered exceptional brand experiences. In the context of the current pandemic the setting for these experiences might have changed, but the overarching goals remain the same. There are lots of off-the-shelf virtual event platforms out there, but VITE is not one of them. Virtual is now a necessity, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it compelling and creative with the right sort of tech. VITE offers you the chance to re-imagine what a virtual event should be. It not only makes the most of virtual events’ obvious pros – reach and measurement – but also changes the tide on its supposed cons – networking, content and engagement. And with VITE, there is no need to compromise on UX, design or functionality – everything can be tailored to your specific needs.”

For more information about the VITE virtual event platform please contact Jason Anderson,