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MeasureMatch scales Partner Hubs to drive digital transformation success

The adoption of Partner Hubs by leading SaaS and enterprise software vendors is now augmented by programmatic onboarding of verified service providers.

UK-based MeasureMatch is announcing the expansion of its Partner Hubs programme in response to rapid customer growth, demand for a broader range of enterprise systems and data professional services, and insights from a survey of professional services providers.

SaaS and enterprise software vendor ecosystems, impressively cataloged by HubSpot’s Scott Brinker, FirstMark’s Matt Turck and others, have catalyzed the formation of a cottage industry of professional services consultants and consultancies.

Microsoft, for example, sees thousands of channel partner applicants each month, the HubSpot Solutions Directory lists nearly 5,000 service provider partners, and Boston Consulting Group noted in May 2020 that the marketing ecosystem in Europe alone includes nearly 60,000 agencies and consultancies.

MeasureMatch research, conducted in Q3 2020, has revealed that two thirds of consultancies, agencies, systems integrators and solo consultants are either actively expanding their partnerships (42%) or want to start partnering (23%) with software vendors for product sales and/or to augment their services revenue, but they don’t have the tools to do it.

The study also found that 60% of technology vendors rarely or never introduce their customers to services partners. And yet, according to former Procter & Gamble Vice President for IT and Shared Services, Tony Saldhana, 70% of digital transformation initiatives are failing.

This nexus between the exploding and colliding worlds of software vendors and services providers is where the expansion of MeasureMatch’s Partner Hubs programme is adding value – for buyers and providers of systems and data services and the technology vendors in need of them to better land and expand product adoption, integration and value.

“From today, clients turning to MeasureMatch for systems and data professional services, will see a larger and quickly growing selection of software vendors’ Partner Hubs, each one only featuring service provider partners that provide valid certifications or channel partner credentials,” explained MeasureMatch Founder and CEO, James Sandoval.

Verified Partner Hubs owners today include: AB Tasty, Amplitude, Domo, FullStory, DialogTech, Integromat, mParticle, Quantum Metric, Supermetrics, Survey Sparrow, Tealium, Visokio and others.

New programmatically managed Partner Hubs, added in response to client demand, will feature service providers and channel partners of technology organizations including: Google (starting with Ads, Analytics and Data Studio partners), Microsoft (Azure, Power BI and Teams), Salesforce (CRM, Pardot, Tableau, Datorama), plus popular software vendors like HubSpot, Segment, Snowflake and many more.

“Our business is driven heavily by our software vendor partnerships,” said Austin Kueffner, Partner at Austin, Texas-based Outliant, a services provider participant in the MeasureMatch marketplace. “It’s difficult to overstate how quickly these partner channels are growing. Platforms that connect businesses like ours with reliable, experienced partners can be absolutely transformative.”

Further commenting on the importance of strong partner relationships, Trevor Fox, Director of Growth at San Francisco-based Panoply, said: “Great partners are force multipliers for customer value. MeasureMatch is one of those great partners – supporting us to simplify and scale our ability to work productively with services providers around the globe that ultimately help our customers realize the full value of their data.”

MeasureMatch is already seeing the benefits of uniting software vendors with service providers in one platform – clients have given full 5 star ratings and glowing reviews to over 95% of contracts completed to date.

“The growth of our Partner Hubs programme is designed to accelerate win-win-win outcomes across our three customer groups: clients, service providers and software vendors. This is the platformization of enterprise systems & data professional services,” added James Sandoval.

IMAGE: James Sandoval, CEO, MeasureMatch