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4 Tips For Improving Conversion Rates On Your Website

One of the most important metrics for measuring the health of any website is its conversion rate. While conversions are mostly associated with turning visitors into paying customers, there are a variety of actions that websites might want to convert for.

But whether you want more visitors to make purchases through your website or you’re trying to build your email subscriber list, the techniques you use to optimise your conversion rates remain more or less the same. Below are four conversion rate optimisation tips to get you started.

Use Pop-Ups Strategically

Pop-ups are controversial in web design. They used to be commonplace, but most web developers now hold them back for quite specific use cases.

Pop-ups can be used effectively to optimise your conversion rates. However, you do have to be careful about how you use them. If you bombard your users with pop-ups, they are more likely to leave your website.

Streamline The User Experience

The easier it is for users to navigate and use your website, the easier it will be to convert them. Whether you are trying to convert visitors into customers or you want them to interact with another part of your website, the more comfortable you make it for them to find their way around, the more likely they are to see everything.

Many websites base their strategies around data. While this is a valid approach to take, many websites are overloading their users with forms. Forms are a great way of gathering specific data from users. But if users are continually confronted with forms to fill in, they will find the experience frustrating. Frustrated users are always more challenging to convert.

Hire A Conversion Rate Optimisation Agency

Just as search engine optimisation agencies can help you to turbocharge your SEO, conversion rate optimisation agencies do the same for your conversions. Hiring an outside agency to handle the work for you is usually the quickest and most reliable way of improving conversions, although it will probably be the most expensive.

However, the costs of a Conversion Rate Optimisation Agency (CRO) are generally more than worth it for the benefits they bring. Optimising conversion rates can be a difficult undertaking. If you don’t have any previous experience, hiring an outside agency makes a lot of sense.

Minimise Distractions

There’s nothing wrong with having a feature-rich website. But if you have too many features, your users will end up distracted. The slower users move around your website, the longer it takes them to perform the actions you are trying to convert for.

As a general web design tip, you should only be adding content to your website that it needs. If there isn’t a clear purpose for a new tool or article, you should reconsider adding it to your site.

Optimising conversion rate isn’t exactly easy, but it doesn’t have to be overly complicated either. With the right approach, you can reliably choose a conversion target and develop an optimisation strategy whenever you want to optimise your website as a whole.